Something of Meltdown

Me throwing myself back into Slimming World did not go to plan. In fact since my last post I’ve mostly been eating (vegan) ice cream! I did feel much more positive after my last post, but then my mood took another massive nosedive. Actually it’s the worst I’ve felt in several years.

I’ve been trying to analyse what exactly went wrong in my head. The thoughts about surgery and my body image were still swimming around in my brain, then on top of that I couldn’t sleep, I did overtime at work which exacerbated that particular problem, my friend told me a story about when he was a bouncer and they weren’t allowed to let fat women in… all of a sudden I felt angry, helpless and lost, so I went home, got under the duvet and cried my little heart out. It keeps playing on my mind how those women must have felt, being turned away like that, and how it might have affected them. It was decades ago, but it’s still disgusting.

I’ve also been worried about how my diet is becoming mixed up with my fitness regime. I have so many issues (mostly with guilt and shame) relating to food, but exercise has become something pure that I do just for fun. My trainer means well, and keeps saying about how the weight will fall off of us both now we’re training regularly, but for me the training and my weight are totally separate in my mind. Apart from the fact that if I’m too heavy it won’t be feasible for me to run (because of possible knee damage).

I’m going to communicate that to him though, because I’m still trying to unlearn 20 years of behaviours relating to food and really don’t want to make the same mistake when it comes to fitness!

I can’t even remember the last time I cried for myself. I cried a lot before Christmas, because I saw a sad video of a pig about to be sent to slaughter that stuck with me for weeks. I’ve cried a couple of times at films, too, but it’s been so long since anything felt bad enough in my own life to bring me to tears.

Maybe I was just waaaaay overdue!

Things aren’t actually bad though, far from it. Everything just built up and became a little bit too much until something had to give. I’m now caught up on sleep and my eyes have stopped leaking, so I’m ready to go.

Yesterday I went to see my trainer to help him prep for a job interview, which is in fact happening as I type. The weather was bloody marvellous, so I put on my factor 50 and a dress with capped sleeves. I went out in all of my bingo-winged glory, and felt bloody fabulous doing so. That was a boost of confidence that I needed.

I also wore designer sunglasses that my trainer lent me, which he paid £150 for. He likes fancy things, he does, whereas I’m more of a bargain kinda gal. Therefore these are the second most expensive things I’ve ever put on my face (the first being when I tried on his normal glasses which were £400!!!) Madness.


Anyway, I have a plan in place. Another reason I think I’m struggling is because my daily routine has been completely turned on its head. I’ve gone from having lots of spare time during the week to trying to fit in all of my training, lunches out with friends, quality time with Pea, household chores, spending time with my mum and my siblings… so if I’m going to keep on top of these things I need to adapt and get properly organised.

On Monday, because I won’t have a chance until then, I’m going to go into town to get some jars and I’ll make a batch of overnight oats to eat after training. Then I’ll prep my work lunches for the whole week. When I need an energy boost I’m not going to let myself get too hungry and then mess up, like I have been doing, instead I’m going to eat fruit to keep me going.

From now on Monday’s will be known as Meal-Prep Mondays! If I at least have food ready to go at all times then I’m much more likely to eat well.

I feel much, much better now things are all straight in my mind.

This morning, after two rest days in a row, I went out for a 5k run. I found a comfortable pace and stuck with it the whole way round. I did stop one single time, because I wasn’t sure whether to go left or right, but other than that I kept going even up the hills.

The weather today has been even better than yesterday, so when I was done I went to lay down in the shade and drink some water. It was just so lovely – the grass was cool and damp, and even though my face has erupted in spots after I put sunblock on it, I was all blotchy from the running and generally looking a mess, I felt wonderful.



When I got home I decided to stick my headphones in and listen to some ‘choons’ whilst cutting the grass, mainly because I was feeling pumped and wanted to move more!

Hopefully there will be more training tomorrow, my sister is visiting Saturday, then I’m out for a meal with my trainer on Sunday. Plus I have three more shifts left at work. Ugh. So it’s busy, busy, busy! Thankfully I’m too busy to really think about how on Sunday I’ll be meeting a whole bunch of my trainer’s family, including his daughter and his mum. So, y’know, no pressure or anything…

Well I’ve sat still for too long now, and there just isn’t time for that.

Thanks for reading,

Hayley x


I’ve become a little bit obsessed with times and figures. I love using MapMyRun and seeing the breakdown of how long it took me to do each mile, but it’s easy to get disheartened if I pay too much attention to them in the short-term.

I’ve made myself a little spreadsheet where I have all of the times broken down from different routes that I do with accompanying graphs. Because who doesn’t love a good graph? There’s not enough data to make them interesting enough for me to share yet, but I’m looking forward to doing that one day in the future.

When it comes to timing yourself though, there are just too many varying factors. Even more so if you’re training outdoors. There’s the weather, your mood, how much sleep you’ve had, what you’ve eaten, what you’re wearing… so looking at one run then the next and feeling disappointed that it took me two seconds longer is not very productive! It’s all about overall trends.

Yesterday, my trainer took me to a park he hasn’t trained at for about four years but it used to be one of his favourites. We ran around the perimeter which is about three miles (when he lived in that area he used to run around it four times in a row) and he expected me to be able to run about the first mile without stopping. It’s a lot different to our usual place – the hills aren’t as intense but instead there are long slopes that you have to pace yourself on. When we were a third of the way around the perimeter he asked if I needed to stop. It took me a few breaths before I could blurt out a strangled ‘NO!’

It was so muddy, we had to keep leaping over huge puddles and picking our way through brambles just to make sure we kept the momentum going and didn’t stop. And that’s all absolutely fantastic for strengthening the core muscles but it was also very tiring.

Even so I made it the whole way around without stopping! I felt fantastic afterwards – I had the biggest hit of endorphins I’ve had so far I think.

Here’s a picture of me afterwards. It’s not a great one, but in the body positive book I’ve been reading the author mentions that you don’t have to look like a model in pictures. They aren’t taken because you’re on a photo shoot, it’s a snapshot of a memory and it’s enough that you are present no matter what you look like.


It’s a bit blurry, it was a grey and horrible day, and I do not look comfortable even though I was trying to. But still, this is a record of the day I ran the furthest yet, and the first day I felt confident enough to wear leggings on a run.

I’m so glad I did because I was much more comfortable. I would also like to point out that my hair was not messed up by the run, my trainer thought it looked too neat and very kindly messed it up for me. Bless him.

I have been feeling a little bit frustrated with my apparent lack of progress after the last week or so, but after this I feel right back in the zone again. I just have to trust that even though an app on my phone might not immediately show it, progress is always being made.

After training we went for a meal at the pub around the corner where I had a tasty, albeit expensive (nearly £14 for a bowl of veggies and some balsamic vinegar) vegan lunch that was also full of goodness, washed down with a not-so-healthy diet coke.


I’ve got to admit that I spent the rest of the afternoon/evening grazing on not unhealthy foods as such, but foods that are not really Slimming World friendly. If I wasn’t on track again today, I reckon I’d be in for a gain but I’m trying not to stress about going off plan and focusing more on whether I’m actually hungry now and what I actually want to eat.

I’ve just eaten my porridge and oat milk, which I wasn’t going to eat yet because it wasn’t ‘time’. But I listened to what my body was telling me and realised that I was in fact experiencing genuine hunger. So I ate!

After I’ve finished my current book I’m definitely going to read more about intuitive eating and try to put it into practice.

Today is a rest day, which is a concept I’m struggling with. I always feel like I should be doing something but if definitely helps to have proper downtime. It seems counterintuitive, but having a proper rest is absolutely essential. So today apart from washing all of my muddy exercise gear I’m doing nothing at all. Until work later that is, booooo.

In fact I feel a nap coming on (which will surprise absolutely no one!)

Thanks for reading,

Hayley x

Disco Dancing

That’s that then. I’ve had my one night a year where I go out clubbing so now I’m almost ready for everything to go back to normal. I just have a meal out with an old friend tomorrow then I’m going to smash my diet and fitness goals. It seems weird writing this, because I honestly had to work up the energy to even begin this post. I’m that tired.

Although I was sensible and drank a lot of water last night, and I don’t feel ill as such, I do feel like I’ve been hit by a bus. I’m cold, exhausted and aching all over. But I suppose it’s understandable since I danced the night away and didn’t get home till 5am. Full disclosure: I also tackled my friend to the ground (just for fun, I didn’t get into a fight!) but I made sure I didn’t hurt him and landed squarely on my backside. Hard. With him on top of me. So my behind is aching somewhat too!

I did want to get some nice pictures of myself but once I met up with my friends I completely forgot about it. I did however manage to capture my matte lipstick (completely cruelty free, vegan, and from a lovely independent shop called VE Cosmetics) and one obligatory toilet selfie.

Because of hormones and no small amount of falling off the wagon I haven’t been feeling great about myself, but I think I scrubbed up OK and my friends did give me a lot of compliments. I’ve also found that a few of the work guys are treating me a lot differently lately, and some were certainly more, ahem, touchy-feely than they have been on previous nights out.


I’ll do a comparison shot some time next year (the next time I go clubbing) to see what progress I’ve made, and in the meantime here’s what I looked like the first time I went out with the work people in 2016:


Yeah… I haven’t been perfect lately but I’m sure happy with my progress when I see these pictures!

This is why when I fall off the wagon I can never truly give up. Even if progress is currently slow pretty much non-existent, one day I’ll be looking back on last nights’ pictures and I’ll be thankful that I kept going. I’ll spend today recovering then despite the fact that I’m out for a meal, or rather because I’m going out for a meal, I’m going out running first thing tomorrow morning.

My last training session was actually awful. I really struggled and for the first time I didn’t enjoy it. I think there were several factors at work but the main ones are my hormones sapping me of energy, and that where I’ve been eating badly I hadn’t fueled my body properly for exercise. I didn’t imagine it would make such a huge difference, but clearly it does. So there’s yet another incentive to eat well!

I expect my run tomorrow to be tough as hell, but if it is then I vow that it’ll be the last time it’ll ever be that bad.

Right now all I can think about is my my bed that’s calling to me, so I’m going to go for a little nap.

Thanks for reading,

Hayley x

Anything is Possible

47 days ago I was sitting in Zizzi’s eating pizza and texting my trainer. He wasn’t my trainer then, we were just arranging to go out for a hike.

He said not to worry, he wouldn’t make me do any sprinting. I replied back that I couldn’t even if I wanted to, because I just can’t run. And it was true. Some time last year I was thinking about running and my brother said ‘just try!’ So I did, and his response was ‘what the hell was that?’ I don’t know what it was, but it wasn’t running. Or even jogging for that matter.

My trainer’s response?


Six-and-a-half weeks later I’m sitting here thinking back to yesterday’s training session, still trying to take it all in really. Last week, during the first part of the course we use, my trainer was surreptitiously taking note of all the places I had to stop to catch my breath before we reach the bottom of the Hill of Doom. There were a fair few of them.

Yesterday, I reached the Hill of Doom without stopping. That’s 1.9-something miles, in one go. I’m currently about two weeks ahead of where my trainer thought I’d be by now, and that feels absolutely incredible.


After traipsing up the Hill of Doom, which even most seasoned runners have to walk up, we did some sprinting. I was told to kind of flick my legs up towards my butt, because that would make it easier. Which sounds like lies, because how could putting more effort into something make it easier? But it’s true! After 6-ish weeks of mostly just jogging, I was actually doing PROPER running!

I just can’t believe how much progress I’ve made in such a short space of time, I never imagined that I’d be at this point by now or, well, ever.

My trainer is having a rest day today as he went out without me this week while I was getting my car sorted and taking my mum to her appointments, so I’m heading out on my own to the different park because I must have those three sessions under my belt per week. After all, I can see now that when my trainer says ‘consistency is key!’ he’s bloody well right.

My local park is flatter than the usual place so it’ll be interesting to see how the times compare to the last time I went. Though I am wary about the direct comparison because I am really aching from yesterday.

Well, there’s nothing for it. We’ll continue this when I get back…


That was tough. But it was oh so worth it. My previous best split time for this particular route was 13:02. Today my fastest was 12:50!

There are also other improvements I’ve noticed – my recovery times are getting a lot quicker, especially when it comes to getting my breath back, but on a less-exercise-related note I’m less anxious about working out alone and even had a short conversation with a lady about the distance around the park without feeling awkward or shy.

After I’d done my 5k I took one last stroll around the park to cool down and take pictures.

I couldn’t have picked a better day for it.

Tomorrow I have something a bit naughty planned. Me and my trainer are having a rest day and hanging out together with good food, good wine, good company and hopefully a good film. I’m hoping that with his influence I’ll be able to do that thing I’ve been trying to do since starting this blog – only having one night ‘off’ rather than being bad several days before, and taking several more days to get back into the swing of things.

Normally I would have started the bad eating by now, and I haven’t even been tempted. This might just be the time it works!

Now I have a veritable mountain of things before I prepare for my last shift of the week.

Thanks for reading,

Hayley x

Give No Effs

I  got an early from work last night because I was bored, tired, and so, so cold. I’ll have been working at the same place for ten years this October, and I’ve never, ever had a fire drill during the summer. It’s always in the winter. We had one last night, and although I was grateful that it wasn’t snowing this time around, I still didn’t manage to get warm again until I got home.

I’ve got to say I had a thoroughly decent (and warm and toasty) sleep and feel all the better for it, but what about my steps for the day? I normally finish a shift on about 7,500 these days but this morning when I got home I was only on 3,500. Well something had to be done about that, especially as I’ve changed my daily goal from 10,000 to 15,000.

When I got up I pottered around a little bit but I still had loads of time left so I decided to GO OUT RUNNING. ON MY OWN! 

The important thing about running, I have discovered, is to give no f**ks. I went to my local nature reserve and stuck to the paved, circular route because I didn’t think it was a good idea to go traipsing around the woods on my own. The route is 0.7 miles (ish) so I did it three times intermittently running and walking. Then I had a fast walk on the fourth lap but took a detour and stopped to say hello to the pigs. As you do.


On my way around I kept seeing the same lady going in the opposite direction and she gave me a smile each time. Part of me was wondering if she was laughing at me because even though it was only 2 degrees out I was sweating like mad and more closely resembled a tomato than a human. But it doesn’t matter. She was probably just being friendly, and if I did amuse her then so what? It’s good that I brightened her day.


I’m so pleased with myself, because although my trainer must of course take some credit for starting me off, it was me who did that. And it’s HUGE. A couple of years ago I wouldn’t have gone out walking on my own, and look at me now!

I’m also pretty chuffed with my lap times. It’s a new record!


Although I found I pushed myself harder as far as speed goes without my friend there, I did miss the strength training which I wasn’t confident enough to do on my own. And it’s not the same without company. But the fact is I’m going to need to be able to train more than once a week if I’m going to make significant changes, and I’m finding that I’m getting itchy feet if I don’t have plans to go!

Normally after posting the day before about not having a binge I’d now be posting to say that I did in fact blow it after all. But not this time! I’m still on the straight and narrow and LOVING IT.

I also got confirmation last night that I have a few days booked off at the beginning of April so I will be going out disco dancing with the young work men. I really, really want to get a nice outfit and get on that dance floor. I can’t wait! Plus it’s all extra exercise, after all.

There might be a cold snap at the moment but I’m definitely feeling excited for spring and fun times ahead. It can’t come soon enough!

Thanks for reading,

Hayley x



Yesterday was a great day for my slimming friends. First of all one friend got his well-deserved nineteen-and-a-half stone award, then the girlfriend of one of my bestest and longest-standing friends sent me a picture of her with her consultant proudly holding up her target certificate. How could I fail to be spurred on when this is happening around me? I’ve seen the young people of the internets saying ‘your vibe attracts your tribe’, which is  cheesy as hell, but so true. Since I’ve been losing weight and getting more active I’ve found I have a bunch of things in common with people I wouldn’t have connected with before. And that’s awesome! Whenever someone I know decides they want to be healthier I love that they come and tell me. It makes my heart happy.

Yesterday was another running day, and it wasn’t until I was five minutes from my friend’s house and stuck in weekend traffic that it dawned on me – IT’S A SATURDAY. And you know what that means? It means OTHER PEOPLE IN THE PARK. I can handle a few dog walkers, but I started to freak out at the prospect of loads of people seeing me run. But what was I going to do? Turn around and make an excuse? Maybe Old Hayley would have done but Running Hayley? No way!

Of course I shouldn’t have even worried, because my friend is so good at training me that within 10 seconds of getting to the park I’d forgotten about anything else. I was even doing the press-ups without a second thought as to whether anyone was watching. The only distracting thing was the glorious view.

It was lovely and warm too, although my eyes and nose still streamed from the beginning of my training till the end. That side of things is getting a bit old already but then I’ve always been like that as soon as I step outside in cold weather so I’m not sure what I could do about it. Anyway it’s got to be worth it – who would want to be stuck indoors on a day like that?

Afterwards my friend ordered me to have a couple of rest days, which to be honest I need because my leg has started hurting. Not because of the running, but whenever I’m picking at work I bash into things and later on forget it happened so I’m forever covered in bruises and have no clue how they got there. I must have walked in to something and bashed my thigh at some point, and the running only exacerbated it.

I still gave it my all though, and it’s feeling a lot better today.

I had planned to go into town this morning, but then decided against it because I was just so tired. But then I saw how blue the sky was and that someone on Fitbit was beating me in a challenge, so I changed my mind again. Rest day or no, walking hardly counts these days so I took my usual route through the park.

That view never fails to be beautiful. I noticed today as I was walking that I’ve definitely picked up my pace and my strides are longer. This training malarkey is working wonders!

This afternoon is a bit of a danger zone as I’m sitting down to watch a film with the family, but I’m well prepared and have planned what I’m eating so I don’t start wanting to snack. I’m having dinner right before we start then I’ll have a lovely coffee during. I’ve found something that has been a complete game changer as far as coffee is concerned – vegan coffee creamer. It doesn’t have the catchiest name, I think, but an 8g serving works out at 2 syns and makes the coffee wonderfully creamy. It’s much better than any coffee with milk I ever had. It feels like getting a fancy coffee from a coffee shop and it my favourite thing to have as a treat right now. I got it from

I’m insanely excited about weighing in on Tuesday, but also a little apprehensive in case of exercise-related gains or maintains. I’ve managed to not weigh myself this week so far (although it was touch and go this morning) so it’s going to be a complete surprise. However it turns out though, I feel so different this week that I know something is happening whether the scales show it or not.

Now my tummy has just started rumbling at the thought of dinner so I’d best actually start cooking it.

Thanks for reading,

Hayley x


Running yesterday was AMAZING! I used Map My Walk (or run, or whatever, I think it’s the same app under different names) to get a benchmark from which to improve. At first I was a little bit dismayed that my fastest lap time is currently slower than my friend’s fastest walking time, but hey, we’ve all gotta start somewhere. Also most of my running is sadistically done uphill, so there’s that to factor in. I don’t think I’ll run the app every time, maybe once a month, because I don’t want to get obsessed with improvements and want it to happen naturally.


The first and last miles are the ones I’m most interested in. Split 3 included my friend bumping into someone he knew and stopping for a chat, and split 4 included strength training.

I honestly had so much fun this time around, even more than last time. For some reason whenever we get to the press-ups I get the giggles. It’s no bad thing, because it’s so good to laugh, and also it pulls my abs in. It’s a win-win.

I feel guilty though – I found out yesterday that my friend has other people he trains and I jokingly acted shocked that he was cheating on me. But he told me he charges the other people he trains £20 an hour whereas I get it for free. I feel so incredibly grateful to him and want to do something nice in return, though I have no idea what yet. I do hope he realises just how thankful I am though, because although at some point I will go out for extra training sessions on my own, he has made such an incredible difference already. A mutual friend commented last night that the change in me already is amazing and he’s right – there’s no way I would have run in public two weeks ago but look at me now!

My body shape is also changing drastically. In my midriff I can see contours start to appear where there were none before, and there’s a huge difference between when my abs are engaged and when I’m just letting it all hang loose! I did my measurements after Christmas and despite not having lost that much weight between now and then a whole TWO INCHES have gone from my waist. Over the last couple of days especially I’ve noticed my arms toning up, too.

Tonight will be my third night on the more physical department at work, and I’ve been finding it easier than I ever have. The last time I did it, around this time last year, there’s no way on earth I would have been able to exercise the next day.

This is my heart rate graph from yesterday. Look at all that time in the fat burning zone! I’m so pleased with that, but also dismayed that my resting heart rate shot up and refuses to come back down again. I think it’s perhaps a lack of sleep, because I’m so excitable I’m finding it hard to stay in bed. I’m trying not to worry about it, because if I stress out that’ll probably make it go higher.


That’s also the most time I’ve spent in the cardio zone since getting a Fitbit with a heart rate monitor, which was in 2015. One vague goal I have now is to be able to run or jog the whole 4.8 mile route that I do, so if when I achieve that I’m guessing that the orange bar is going to be a lot longer!

As for food I have been perfectly on plan, and have a homemade curry scheduled for tonight, along with homemade onion bhajis. I cannot wait for that.

For now it’s time to get on the exercise bike, because I’ve scheduled in one rest day a week and this ain’t it. 

Thanks for reading,

Hayley x

All Sparkles

When I first said I was going to go running with my friend, to be honest it was one of those vague ‘yeah I’ll definitely do that at some point’ kind of commitments. The idea of it in theory was exciting, but when I imagined what the actual execution would probably be like, I became terrified. It took me right back to my school days, and I felt like I had a tummy full of squirming things.

I figured it’d be the week after next before I would have a chance to actually go, so I did my usual ‘don’t-think-about-it-at-all-costs-until-absolutely-necessary’ thing.

But I forgot that my friend is one of those people you just don’t say no to, so when he said ‘Friday then?’ I found ‘hell yes!’ escaping my lips before I had a chance to think it through. Which is lucky, because thinking hasn’t done me a whole lot of good thus far.

Friday eventually came around, and when it was almost time to leave I put on my running leggings. Something like this is essential, because it holds everything in and stops The Dreaded Applause. For those who aren’t sure what that is I’ll explain – it’s where bits of you slap against other bits as you exercise and make a clapping sound! I’ve had this all of my life, but as I’ve lost weight it’s become worse.

The leggings looked bloody awful, and I knew I wouldn’t be comfortable enough to run in them. So I wore ordinary leggings with joggers over the top, which thankfully was sufficient. And I didn’t get too hot because it was bloody freezing!

When I’ve previously attempted to run, which was on a treadmill, it was more of a fast stomp. I thought it was just because I was heavy and unfit – it never occured to me that there was something wrong with my technique. Running is running, isn’t it?

Once we’d warmed up with a short walk and reached a flat bit, my friend got me to give it a try. After a short glance at me he said I should try to land on my heels and kind of roll my feet, and lean forwards slightly.

And that was that. I WAS RUNNING! And without me stomping around like a lunatic it felt bloody good! We ran until we were nice and out of breath then slowed it down to a fast walk again, and we repeated that until we reached an area with wooden bars at different heights put there specifically for people wanting to do press-ups without getting their hands muddy.

After I’d done some press-ups, including a REAL, genuine, proper press-up (goal achieved, whoop whoop!) and got my arm muscles all nice and wibbly, we moved on. But my friend had a cunning plan. From this point on there are a few benches dotted around, and whenever you reach a bench you have to do press-ups on it.

My arms were really wibbly by now, and by the last bench I completely lost it and my arms gave way. But it’s progress!

When I got home I synced my Fitbit and waited to see myself smugly jump ahead in all the challenges I was currently in.

Oh but wait.

One lady was still quite a bit ahead of me.

I couldn’t leave it like that now, could I? So I did my usual figure of eight route between the kitchen and living room until I was firmly in the lead, and got myself to bed to get some sleep before work. It was really hard to get off, because I was still absolutely buzzing from the running.

When I got up I found that the other Fitbit challengees (I just invented a word) had rudely been walking while I was asleep and I was no longer in the lead. So whilst making my dinner and preparing for work I carried on walking around the house.

But that STILL wasn’t good enough, so I decided to walk to work, which resulted in my second best day ever for burning calories with a magnificent total of 5,101. The only time I burned more was when I climbed Snowdon!


I’ve also won the two Workweek Hustle challenges I was a part of, and come first in a challenge to walk the distance of the NYC marathon (26.2 miles).

IMG_4438 IMG_4437

Next up is a Weekend Warrior challenge, and I got a nice big head start after walking home from work this morning. When I left it was still dark, which was a bit scary but also pretty cool. I had a nice cup of coffee with me and thoroughly enjoyed looking at the sparkling frost that had covered absolutely everything whilst being completely snug in my cold weather gear. In fact by the time I got home I was sweating, and after removing my chiller jacket noticed that you can wear it in temperatures up to below 50 degrees celsius. No wonder I was so hot!

I am feeling on top of the world. But also rather sleepy… Today I’m having something of a rest day, although I’ll probably still get another 5,000 or so steps in by the end of the day.

Tomorrow I’m out walking with my brother at our local nature reserve, and while we’re there I’m going to scout out a route for when I’m ready to go running on my own. Because I absolutely will! As much as it would be great to go running with my friend every time, he lives a 30 minute drive away and I don’t have the time or money to do that journey 5 times a week. For now we’ll be meeting up just once a week, which is enough to be getting on with. I’m also roping in my brother and sister to come with me at some point, and they seem quite enthusiastic!

Diet-wise I’ve been on plan and have only weighed myself once since my last post. That’s a huge improvement to at least 5 times a day.

In other news the washing machine has packed up, and the earliest an engineer can come is Wednesday. But do you know what? I don’t really care. It will get sorted in the end, I have plenty of clean clothes to tide me over, and I refuse to let anything bother me right now.

Now I’m out and about more and that things will soon start growing again, I need to get on top of my photo printing and adding things to my album. I need to do it before I get more lovely shots and then get really behind, which I think is a worthy pursuit for my rest day.

Until next time, thanks for reading.

Hayley x