Week Zero

Over the last few weeks I’ve found it really hard to eat healthily for any length of time. In between my holiday and last weekend’s mini break, I found myself in the ‘there’s not much point in being good’ mindset, and as such I’ve gained a few pounds.

Because I feel so much better than I did a year and a half ago, it’s really easy for me to be relaxed about it. But the fact remains I’m not content where I am now, and I want to put what I’ve already done to one side for the time being. It’s really important to look at how far I’ve come, but for now I want to get back the motivation and excitement I had at the beginning.

For that reason, at least as far as Slimming World is concerned, I’ve restarted my progress. I still have weight records via Fitbit dating back to 2015, but it’s good to have a nice blank page and start afresh.

I’ve taken all new measurements and later on I’ll ask Mr. S to help with my new ‘start pics’. I’m going right back to basics with weighing and measuring the foods that require it, and eating plenty of Speed Foods. Plus I want to keep my activity levels up on days I’m not training. A rest day isn’t a euphemism for a do-nothing-at-all day!

I’m still much too sore to train today, mostly because of my butt bruise, but tomorrow I’ll be out there no matter what to see how I get on. I’ve loved all the walking and hiking I’ve done lately, but there’s also nothing quite like running.


I’m fairly happy with my Fitbit average for the year so far, but I plan to be even happier with it. Last year’s average, even though I started in the 18 stone bracket, was in the 15’s. If I end this year in the 13’s then I’ll be a happy girl!

Right then. I’m now off to do a mountain of washing, drive my mum to an appointment, get some steps in and above all BE HEALTHY!

I’ll let you know how it goes.

Hayley x