Plans and Goals 2018

Weight Related:

Get back into the 14 stone bracket

Get to 14st 10lbs

Get my 7st award. Again.

Get in the 13 stone bracket

Get to 13st 10lbs

Get my 8 stone award (13st 4lbs)

Achieve my target – 12st 10lbs!

Fit (properly) into size 14’s

Have nice baggy cold weather work clothes when that time comes around again

Avoid vegan junk food

Do 70,000+ steps a week no matter what

Fitness Related: 

Beat my existing record for steps done in one day (36,571)

Exercise regularly

Be able to do a proper press-up

Be able to do my kettlebell exercises with a 10kg weight (currently using 8kg)

Get my resting heart rate back in the 40’s (currently 59)

Plank for over 1 minute

Go running

Get my personal best for running/jogging/walking a mile into the 14 second bracket

Go running on my own

Get my personal best for running/jogging/walking a mile to under 10 minutes

Ethical Resolutions:

Avoid any products using non-certified sustainable palm oil and research those that claim they already do

Create a capsule wardrobe using only charity shop purchases, ethical brands, second-hand clothes from eBay etc. If I buy something new it MUST be something I really need.

Use less plastic

Start spreading the word by writing on my vegan blog, Hayley the Vegan

Fun Stuff: 

Revisit the Harry Potter studio tour and have my broomstick photo redone

Climb Ben Nevis

Climb Scafell Pike

Visit The Old Man of Storr

Meet up with my blogger buddy again


Be more organised

Stay on top of my photo printing, albums and scrap books

Decorate my bedroom

Have an epic decluttering and only keep things I really want or need

Reduce the amount of credit I have and save money