Accidental Fright Night

I got myself into a great little routine. I visit a friend once or twice a week for dinner before I go to work, but he gets home right in the middle of rush hour and I cannot STAND rush hour. So I head over to his neck of the woods a couple of hours before and go for a nice long walk.

Unfortunately I’m going to have to stop doing this though, because I forgot about daylight savings. Well, I didn’t completely forget since I was working Saturday night and had to stay an extra hour on Sunday morning, but I did forget that it gets dark sooner now.

Halfway around the park nighttime was setting in, and being on your own in the woods at night is not exactly the best idea!

It started out ok, but when it really started to get dark I must admit I felt more than a little uneasy.

Especially when I happened upon a fake bat that someone had hung from the park sign!

Luckily I had my head torch with me for the return journey, as I think I would have struggled to find my way without it.

So it’s time for a rethink when it comes to my park walking. I may have to stick to more local parks and I’ll definitely have to go earlier in the day. Unless I have company that is.

Yesterday I also made a proper start on my Christmas present-making. I had subconsciously been putting it off so whenever I got my materials out I’d just be concentrating on organising them, planning what I was making or deciding that I needed something else before I could begin. I was worried that the ideas in my head wouldn’t live up to the real thing, which of course sometimes they don’t, but if I keep thinking along those lines I’ll never get anything done. Now I’ve actually started, a fire has been lit and I’m ready to do all the things. I’m so excited!

Unfortunately I can’t share ANY of it here until after Christmas day, because lots of people are getting personalised versions of the same thing so I simply can’t make it public. But it’s worth it, because this is what gives me the fuzzy Christmas feelings!

People who aren’t used to making stuff sometimes think that a handmade gift is a bit of a cop out, that it’s a cheap or easy way of giving, but it often isn’t either of those things. If you knit you will know that shop bought things are way cheaper, and if I added up the hours I’ll be spending on making my presents, at minimum wage, I’m guessing they’d rack up a hefty price tag.

For me, apart from the fact I love to give something really personal as a gift, a big draw is that handmade doesn’t count towards our family’s £10 each Christmas budget, so I can give extra presents. Muahahahaha, I’m so crafty!

One thing I can share with you is another project I’ve got on the go. I’m really enjoying my calligraphy lately so I decided to give bullet journaling another go. I got three cheap notebooks, because when I tried before I had a gorgeous notebook but as soon as I did a page I wasn’t happy with I gave up.


This time having something that isn’t up to scratch is OK, because I want to be able to look back and see how I’ve improved. I need to stop being so damn precious about these  things.

Right, there’s nothing else to report so I need to get on and do a hundred things before work tonight.

Exaggerate? Me? I don’t think so…

Thanks for reading,

Hayley x