About Me

This blog started off as a record of my attempt to lose weight with Slimming World. Right now it is so much more than that, because as I started to lose weight I actually started to live my life, so the blog has become something more like a diary of sorts. Except everyone is free to have a peek!

I rejoined Slimming World for about the millionth time at the beginning of August 2016. Although I only kept off two pounds between then and October, I still kept a record and for the first time ever I didn’t let the setback get to me (at least not too much) and I carried on rather than giving up.

My start weight was 21 st 4 lbs, although my heaviest recorded weight is 22 st 4 lbs, which I reached in 2012.

These are a few choice pictures of me not even at my heaviest, but certainly at the unhappiest times of my life. Even when I’m smiling, it’s definitely not genuine. Most of these pictures also represent a moment just before I attempted a diet, and every single one of them failed.

This time I started my ‘diet’ from a much happier place, and although I have had a few periods between now and August 2016 where I’ve wobbled, every time I’ve pulled it back and I’ve refused to give in.

This year (2018) will be the year I get to my target weight, and I’ve never been so sure of anything in my life! As I write I’ve lost 6 st 6 lbs, but to see how I’m getting on just check out my latest posts. I post about my weigh ins every week so it won’t be long before you come across one!

Already my life has completely transformed. I’m fairly fit (I climbed a MOUNTAIN last year), I go out, I explore, I try new things… and although I still love my food it’s no longer at the centre of everything.

Last year I made the leap from being vegetarian to vegan and it was the best decision I ever made in my entire life. If you are interested more in the vegan side of things then I have a dedicated blog here.

I’m the proud human of a beautiful little parrotlet called Pea, and she is my number one priority. I love her more than life itself. Which is understandable, I mean just look at her!


Apart from exploring, looking after Pea, saving the animals and turning my whole life around, I also love photography. Which is handy because it compliments my other passions perfectly.

So that’s me in a nutshell! Please hang around, have a little read of my blog, and I hope you like what you see!

Hayley x

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