Disappointment & Desperation

Is there anyone on earth as practiced in the art of self-sabotage as I am? I suspect not. After a week of being perfectly on plan AND enjoying it, on Sunday night I found myself alone at my sister’s house.

I had been looking after her parrot, Petrie, but decided to take her home early (instead of Monday morning) so I could have a soak in my sister’s tub.

Four hours and three Lush bath bombs later (they needed to be used and I don’t have regular access to a bath) I was feeling relaxed. But then a thought popped into my head. If I ordered a Papa John’s, no one would know. So I did. Of course I felt shit about it, so my sabotage in the form of overeating carried on until this afternoon.


I’m so disappointed in myself, but it’s worse than that. Im getting really unhappy with my size now and starting to feel more than a hint of desperation. I know Slimming World works, but I’ve lost my faith in it and myself. I just can’t seem to get into it like I used to, and I don’t have any alternative! I don’t know what to do!

Someone please send a kick up the arse. This weekend I’m going up the country a wee bit to visit at least one friend, hopefully two, and I’m hoping this weekend of goodness (and friends who share my goals) will perk me up.

Not that this weekend wasn’t interesting. At my house, when I let Petrie out she headed straight for my glasses and proceeded to attempt to destroy them. When I had the audacity to stop her she bit me on the nose and made me bleed.

She does seem to have something of a fascination with my specs.

When I took her home, I figure she just felt a bit safer in her usual environment. When she started chewing again, I was able to take my glasses off without being attacked.

Well it kind of worked…

She’s such a capricious little bird. One minute I’m trying to message my sister while she’s inserting her head underneath my thumb because she wants attention, the next she’s biting my toes.

This snuggle sesh somehow ended up with a bite to the ear. I don’t get it! I still love her though.

Well then, unfortunately blogging hasn’t helped me getting anything particularly figured out as it sometimes does. I just have to keep trying until my mojo comes back, hopefully for a full seven days in a row.

Here’s hoping.

Hayley x

4 thoughts on “Disappointment & Desperation

  1. Ah hun, don’t be disappointed in yourself! We’re all the same, what is it they say? To err is human… look at every slender person you can think of, the majority of them have take outs too. Monique, someone else I follow shared a phrase her husband says, ‘it’s a marathon, not a race’, and that’s so true! If you can, try to find your positivity again, that might help you feel motivated again. Then you can draw a line under what was probably a fabulously tasty meal, forgive yourself, and get back on track.

    Btw, love the pics of the bird!

    Good luck!

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  2. This sometimes just happens. All you can do is shrug and continue. Everyone has moments like this, so you are not alone .

    The best advice I can give is to know what your trigger food is and to avoid it the best you can.

    Maybe you could try switching to Weight Watchers? It’s very similar to Slimming World, but might give you a bit if a new start feeling that you seem to be looking for?

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    • Ah you’re right of course. It’s hard to avoid my trigger foods when they can be on my doorstep in twenty minutes at the click of a button. Damn modern technology!

      Unfortunately I have tried WW a few times before and I can’t last more than one day 🙈

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