A New Name

The old brain cogs have been seriously whirring this week. As I’ve transferred from group back to being a Slimming World online member (yet again), I was looking at when I’ll next have to renew my subscription. It occured to me that in the not-too-distant future I’ll no longer be a paying member. My next renewal could well be the last one ever. It may be that as I get closer to my target I decide to transfer back to group for the last time, so that when I finally reach that 12 st 10 lbs I can be a member for free. I think you only have to weigh in once every 6 weeks to keep your membership active, and I think I could brave group in that instance.

On the other hand I might just knock Slimming World on the head once I’m at target and learn to live without it. This is dangerous territory, and may not be wise until I’ve at least had some experience maintaining my weight, but the more I think of it the more I’ll be happy to see the back of Slimming World, sooner or later.

I still love the plan, but I’m falling out of love with the company. Since becoming vegan I’ve noticed errors in Syn values on the app, which myself and others have notified Slimming World of. One particular member pestered them relentlessly, for months, until they admitted something was wrong, but they still haven’t updated Syns Online.

I’ve repeatedly sent product information via the Syns tools, but nope, nothing. There’s one thing I’ve been waiting for since September despite sending the packaging over and over, and it’s still not on there! There’s also the fact that the Syns tools in themselves are so dreadful, and that technologically speaking Slimming World are so far behind the times it’s untrue.

And let’s not forget that one day I’d like to naturally be able to eat well without thinking about it too much. I don’t want to spend the rest of my life counting every single Syn. I think I’m in a place where I could do that now, but it’s not worth the risk while I’m on a roll.

Since I don’t see Slimming World in my (at least long-term) future, that I now write about things other than just losing weight, and the fact that at some point this year I’ll no longer be slimming but maintaining, I thought it was time for a name change! And it had to be something all-encompassing so I’m not tied down to any particular subject. As such my blog is now simply called Words by Hayley.

This is all really exciting, because although I am absolutely determined to reach target this year, taking this step makes it seem all the more real. It’s actually going to happen! One day soon, very soon, I won’t be trying to lose weight for literally the first time since I was perhaps twelve. What a surreal yet wonderful thought!

In other exciting news I finally picked up my thermals that work have supplied. They’ve been sitting on a shelf for ages, because they came after my salopettes arrived and since having them I’ve been so toasty and warm I never gave the t-shirts and long johns a second thought.

I think I ordered the thermals in October, and I was ecstatic at the time because I ordered a medium top and large bottoms. In the winter of 2016 I didn’t wear thermals at all, because the 2xl was too small and I was too ashamed to order 3xl.

I tried on the thermals this morning, with a nagging voice in my head warning me that I may have been a little premature with ordering the medium.

Well the voice in my head was DEAD WRONG, because everything fits absolutely perfectly. I was feeling very trim indeed looking in the mirror this morning!

It’s also looking pretty likely that I’ll be able to go to the work outing in April, so since I’ve hit all of my exercise goals this week and stayed on plan, I’ve treated myself to an aspirational dress to slim into.


I’ve been looking at this dress for ages and ages. I consulted my sister, and she agrees that it’s perfect for me. It can be worn casually or as a going out dress, the style is just me all over, it’s a loose fit so should be comfortable… It’s also made by Thought Clothing – an ethical brand who make clothes from sustainable fabrics. My dress is made out of 100% organic cotton, a tiny bit of elastane and Tencel (a sustainable fabric regenerated from wood cellulose), and it’s ON SALE.

Last night at work it was so quiet my manager gave us the option to go home at the halfway point (unpaid) but I said to myself ‘Hayley, if you stick it out I’ll allow you to buy that dress’. So I ordered it on my lunch break and that kept me going till the end.

Now the only downside is that I might have to wait an entire week before it arrives, but that’s not so bad. Knowing me I’ll probably forget what I’ve ordered and when it comes it’ll be a lovely surprise.

This afternoon I took my mum and brother over to my sister’s and we all had a real coffee from the Starbucks round the corner (we sent my brother out in the snow even though he was wearing shorts, poor boy) and we had a lovely chat whilst watching the snow drift down out of her huge windows. I’m always cold so I was snuggled under a blanket, and it was just lovely.


I’m feeling pretty damn smug that I messaged my sister ahead of time and asked her not to get any snacks in, because we are all trying to be good and having real coffee and good company is enough of a treat already.

Now dinner is calling, and I suspect it’s going to be tasty so I can’t wait a second longer!

Thanks for reading,

Hayley x

About Hayleyhttp://wordsbyhayley.comCrazy bird lady, vegan, weight loss and fitness enthusiast, lover of photography

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