An Excess of Wisdom

I had planned to update yesterday, after all I knew that after my dentist appointment all I’d be doing was sitting around, but I had no idea how much it would take out of me. I feel mullered. 

As soon as I got out of bed I rushed downstairs to do my weigh in. I’ve decided to go back to being an online member, because quite frankly I do better on my own. Or rather I should say I do better at home, because at no point have I felt alone on this particular adventure!

The year is off to a good start – I lost 8.5 lbs! In the spirit of full disclosure, here’s how my recent weigh ins have looked. It ain’t pretty, but it’s honest and I’m glad I kept a record. It’s going to be looking a lot better from now on.


After that I didn’t eat all of my planned epic breakfast, and as the morning was flying by (time does seem to speed up when you’re dreading something) I could only manage sausages, beans and a microwave jacket potato. I was told I must eat before hand, but it did not go down easily. I felt like I had a tummy full of jumping frogs.


When I got to the dentist the oral surgeon told me that it was looking a lot more complicated than he had expected. He explained that the last normal tooth is referred to as number 7, and the wisdom tooth is number 8. They were the two teeth I should have had out. But me being me, I had to be difficult, and I have (or at least did have) an extra wisdom tooth, number 9. Typical. Because there’s a risk anyway of my sinus falling down in the cavity left behind, then number 7 (which isn’t actually causing any problems at the moment) would have to stay behind.

However, since 8 and 9 were so far back he said he might have to abandon the attempt and do it under general anaesthetic at a later date if it starts to go wrong. I was already terrified, so that filled me with a whole load of confidence.

Thankfully that wasn’t necessary and the teeth were out in no time, and although I didn’t feel any of it apart from the injections going in, even the memory of the sound of it turns my stomach. The teeth were fused together, which was weird, but I’m just glad they’re gone. I’ve known for a long time they’d end up having to come out at some point, so I’m happy it’s over and done with.

What has surprised me is how easy the actual procedure was, and how absolutely rotten I feel right now. It’s the opposite of how I thought it would be! I do have to take it easy, because as soon as I try to do anything other than go to the kitchen to get food I can feel my gums throbbing, and it took long enough to get the buggers to stop bleeding in the first place. I don’t want to end up delaying my recovery, so I’m doing everything I was told to. The problem is that I AM BORED OUT OF MY MIND! Plus my steps are suffering – I hope I have enough time left at the end of the week to make up for all this lazing about.

Right now I am resembling a very greedy hamster and am in no small amount of pain, but I did manage some real food today (a big old pile of sausage, mash and beans) so at least my tummy isn’t rumbling like it was all day yesterday.


I’m not actually that miserable, it just really hurts to smile!

Something I’m very proud of is that even though it would be so much easier, and nicer to just eat ice cream, and even though I haven’t have enough speed foods, I have stuck to plan. Oh, and I also ended up spending an extortionate 7.5 syns on Alpro yogurt because I bought the wrong one. Yet I still managed to fit it into my day without going over my syns, so go me!

I’m hoping I’ll be feeling a lot better tomorrow, mostly because I have two awesome meals planned. I bought some vegan doner kebab meat (9.5 syns a pack) on a whim before Christmas and I’ve decided to have it in a Weight Watchers wrap (B choice) with red cabbage, salad, red onion and jalapenos. I really cannot wait to try it. And then yesterday I saw a Slimming World friendly recipe for salt and chilli baked tofu that looks amazing. I have all the ingredients already, just waiting to be eaten!


Best of all, tomorrow I can finally, FINALLY, have a cup of coffee. It’s been waaaay too long without one. Then I reckon Thursday I’ll be back at work and I can get into a proper routine before I lose my marbles completely.

In conclusion it’s been a crappy couple of days, but I’ve proved to myself that although the situation isn’t ideal, I CAN still be in control of what I eat. That in my opinion makes them officially uncrappy.

Thanks for reading,

Hayley x

About Hayleyhttp://wordsbyhayley.comCrazy bird lady, vegan, weight loss and fitness enthusiast, lover of photography

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