One Day Streak

After just one day back on plan I already feel better. I had intended to be right back on it on the 27th, using Boxing Day to eat up the last of the bad food in the house. As it happened I spent Boxing Day and the day after that nursing the worst hangover of my life, so on the 29th I ate the food that was originally intended for Boxing Day. I was going to just put it away for another time, but then I remembered I had hummus, which has a short shelf-life. It should be against the law to throw out hummus (one of my favourite foods in the world) and no one else eats it. I regret nothing, it was delicious!

This all worked out for the best, because now anything that’s left isn’t stuff that really appeals to me. As such when I got home this morning I was still full up from my work lunch (there was a ton of speed food in that baby) and wasn’t even tempted to eat anything at all.

I’ve started filling out my food diary and have made a little note of my current streak of days on plan on the corner of the page. I’m going to get that little number into the 30’s, at least.


Another thing I really love about my food diary (it’s from The Calorie Club if you’d like one for yourself by the way) is the little section of tick boxes for water, fruit and veg, and best of all, exercise. The completionist in me doesn’t want to leave that section blank, so it spurred me on to do a kettlebell workout yesterday. I’m aching today, but it’s that good, virtuous ache of knowing you’ve done something worthwhile.

I have work tonight so I’ve pretty much been chilling out in my jim jams all afternoon (you’ve gotta appreciate my impressive bed head) but I have an excuse because I couldn’t really move.


You see, if you look behind me…


Someone was resting on my hood and did not want to be disturbed! Now she’s gone to have a snack in her cage I can get on and do 20 minutes or so on the exercise bike. I fancy doing some step aerobics but I hurt too much just now, so a gentle cycle should suffice. I’ve just got to get those boxes ticked!

Tomorrow I don’t have any special plans, other than watching a movie with the family. I think I’ll dedicate the afternoon to writing out a post about my plans and resolutions for the new year. There are loads of goals and ideas I have floating around, I just haven’t been able to put it all into words yet. But I want a nice proper list I can look back on in a years time, and a permanent page for it so I can add more throughout the year. Resolutions aren’t just for January!

Until then, thanks for reading,

Hayley x

About Hayleyhttp://hayleyslims.wordpress.comCrazy bird lady, vegan, weight loss and fitness enthusiast, lover of photography

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