Twelve Week Countdown

If you’re familiar with Slimming World you’ve probably heard of a 12 week countdown, where you pay for 12 weeks in advance and you get a discount. As it happens I always pay for 12 weeks at a time because of the savings, and I know I’m going to use it because there’s no way I’m giving up! That’s not what I’m talking about here though, and I’m so sorry to mention the C-word again, but I have twelve weigh in’s left before Christmas Day.

I weighed in this morning and was exceptionally relieved to find that I’ve lost 1.5lbs, taking me officially into the 14 stone bracket. I am now 14st 13lbs to be precise. And isn’t that an excellent starting point for my 12 week challenge? I even made myself a little motivational thing to keep a record for the duration of the challenge which should help to keep me on track.

As you can see my goal is to get into the 13-stone-bracket, but more than that I would like to stay in the 13 stone bracket over Christmas. I’d like to lose enough to have a little wiggle room. Last year I tried to stay on plan 100% but I did feel a bit deprived on Christmas Day and ended up eating crappy non-Christmas food, and finding that nothing hit the spot. I only gained half a pound which I’m still majorly proud of, but I’m taking a different approach this year.

I’m going to be prepared but there are three potential days over the whole period where I might go off plan.

The first is a work outing. The young chaps want to get suited and booted and go out disco dancing in London (that’s not quite how they put it but that’s the crux of it) and I really want to go. I don’t care about getting ‘wasted’ and not remembering any of the night, I just want to go out feeling confident in a gorgeous dress and dance the night away! No date has been set and there’s a very high probability I won’t be able to book the night off work, so although it does sound like it’ll be fun I’ll leave it completely up to fate. If I can get the time off easily I’ll go, if not I won’t. Swapping shifts with someone or sweet talking my manager could swing it for me, but I’m not going to do that because my sister’s birthday meal on the 20th of December is more important. I’d rather save any favours for that.

My sister’s birthday meal is occassion number two. I may have already mentioned it (my memory is awful!) but she wants to have a meal in an Italian restaurant near her house. She is going to call them beforehand to check they can cater for a vegan, which I’m sure they can, and ask if I can have Penne Arrabiata (basically pasta in a tomato sauce) which also happens to be super Slimming World-friendly. It won’t be totally on plan because there will be oil in there, and I should imagine there will be some prosecco doing the rounds, but as far as these things go it should be easily manageable and there’s no reason it should mean disaster for my diet. Again this is dependent on getting the night off work, during our peak season, which could prove very difficult.

The last occasion is Christmas Day, the one day I’ll completely let my hair down. Working in retail has turned out to be very helpful this year, because the way my shifts work out will mean that I only get Christmas Eve and Christmas Day off. There is a work Christmas dinner in the staff canteen but I stopped having it years ago because it’s so gross, and they never cater for vegans so I can’t now even if I went insane and did want to! Other than that on Boxing Day it’s right back to normality and the daily grind.

Christmas Eve I’m going to stay completely on plan because I don’t want to feel bloated and sluggish Christmas Morning – this year will be the first year in absolutely ages where all of my siblings will be together and I cannot wait so it’s all about family. Food definitely comes second!

So there we have it. For the next 12 weeks and beyond I’m going to be 100% on plan apart from those three exceptions. And even then they might not all happen.

I know it’s really early to be thinking about all this, but I needed to get a plan in action. If a situation arises there will be no shall I/shan’t I because I’ve already made the important decisions. As such now it’s all straight in my head I will just concentrate on my weekly losses, fill in my charts and graphs and enjoy myself whilst being happy and content that I’m completely in control.

Speaking of charts and graphs today I filled in my measurements so I can compare them again at the end of the 12 weeks. So today was an excellent opportunity to compare them to the ones I took roughly at the beginning of my journey. Here’s how many inches I’ve lost so far:

  • Waist -14.5
  • Hips -10.5
  • Bust -7.5
  • Thigh -6
  • Upper arm -3.5

That’s a total of 42 inches which I’m incredibly happy with! In all of my previous weight loss attempts I never kept these kind of records, and I’m glad I do now. It’s really helpful, especially when the scales aren’t moving as fast as you’d like (not that I had to worry about that this week after all).

As usual this weekend has passed in a blur but I made time to hang out with my friend yesterday. We had booked our tickets to see IT in the evening and he was running a bit late (that’s kind of his thing!) so we had to rush to Tesco to get something for dinner and also cook it in time. This would have been a perfect opportunity to use the lack of time as an excuse to eat peanut butter sandwiches but instead I used my noggin and got Bannister’s microwave jackets which are really nice and 1 syn each, a tin of beans and Linda McCartney vegetarian sausages. As such a filling 2.5 syn dinner took me just 15 minutes to prepare. If I’d had more time I would have had mushrooms too, but the only other thing I’d eaten the whole day was porridge with hazelnut milk so the lack of speed food didn’t bother me at all.

If that wasn’t enough to make me feel pleased with myself, my friend kept glancing over and saying that he swears I’ve lost more weight every time he looks, plus I decided to wear a nice outfit and do my makeup properly. In case you haven’t noticed yet I’ll reiterate that I LOVE autumn, so I wore an acorn necklace and acorn earrings and got out my orangey lipstick.

I felt pretty damn fantastic!

It’s back to work tonight but I don’t even care. Nothing can bring me down!

Hayley x

About Hayleyhttp://hayleyslims.wordpress.comCrazy bird lady, vegan, weight loss and fitness enthusiast, lover of photography

5 thoughts on “Twelve Week Countdown

  1. Feeling pretty dam fantastic and looking pretty damn fantastic too! I’m sure you’ll excuse me while I send a virtual wolf whistle in your direction 😀

    Congrats on the the loss as well – and the planning!!! (Jaw hits floor) how can you be thinking this far ahead?! My brain starts to melt if I think about next week lol!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Aw shucks ☺

      To be honest I’m only thinking this far ahead because I’m so excited, and I know I have to be strict with myself because if I fall off the wagon now I’ll end up eating Christmas food (which is in the shops already) and when it comes to the day it won’t be special.

      Every time I’ve looked forward to something that involves food this year I’ve messed up in the days leading up to it and the experience has been marred with a shedload of guilt, not to mention that I’ve normally eaten so much I feel sick by that point.

      Not this time though!

      Liked by 1 person

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