A Pleasant Surprise

Last night I wore my three layers to work, as has become the norm over the last week, and I nearly bloody melted. It’s been so warm today! I’m not complaining because it’s been beautiful, and it was absolutely ideal as me and my brother had already planned to visit Eltham Palace today.

Autumn colours are always lovely, but it’s even better when the sun is shining on them and there was barely a cloud in the sky all day. After arriving we headed straight to the house (palace my backside) and picked up one of the free audio guides. In fact it was all kind of free now that we are English Heritage members. That’s a very good thing because I would have been slightly cheesed off if I’d paid for the audio guide because it really was dreadful! It sounded like the narrator was trying to be seductive, and I don’t know who wrote the script but after one description of a painting I had to turn if off because I wanted to throw the thing through the window.

Hence I came home knowing nothing about Eltham Palace at all. I have just had a quick read on Wikipedia though and it seems it was a palace once, but it was all but destroyed in the 1600’s. What’s there now is a house that was built on the site, which includes the restored great hall of the original palace. The Art Deco house was apparently a ‘masterpiece of modern design’ and I read a little plaque that said it was inspired by Scandinavian design. I’d much rather kit my home out with Ikea though because I thought it was ugly. The only pictures I took inside the house were not Art Deco at all!

The grounds though, now they are lovely. There’s a big lake that goes part of the way around it and the fish there (I think my brother said they are carp) must be used to being fed because they are so friendly. Normally I have oats in my bag as a matter of course, in case I need to tempt a water bird on my travels, but I didn’t replenish the last lot I used so we had nothing to lure the fish closer with. Then along came a family eating their sarnies who decided to throw bread in the water.

I’m sure most people know that you shouldn’t feed birds bread, because uneaten bread can pollute the water and it doesn’t provide enough nutrition to see them through the winter. I’m not sure what the deal is with fish, but it would be irrelevant in this case anyway. The fish snaffled up the bread immediately and I’m not sure even a single crumb was missed.

We spent most of the afternoon just wandering around exploring the grounds or watching the fish, and I was just loving the colours of everything so much. I’m going to find out what kind of flowers they have because everything was still in bloom and it would be lovely to have our garden looking something like that this time next year. Not that I’ve done anything at all with the garden since I decided I was going to sort it out, however many months ago. I really must do my research in time for spring.

I don’t know why this year has been so different, but documenting the changes in the seasons and trying to enjoy every minute of it has been really important to me. I need to make sure I’m out every week until all of the leaves are gone because I don’t want to miss a single photo op!

Just gorgeous.

When we left in the late morning I’d just eaten breakfast and wasn’t hungry at all so I didn’t take food with me, but I did have the foresight to have a lunch already prepared for when I got home. That was a good call because on the drive back my tummy was rumbling like mad. I’m frightening myself with all of this organisation.

You may notice that I didn’t put any weekly goals up last week, and that’s because I had no intention at all of avoiding the sneak peek. I’m feeling really bloated and I think it’s possible I’ll have a maintain but the important thing is to not freak out about it.

That’s if it does happen at all, because a lot can change between now and Tuesday morning. What I do know is that I have had an impeccable week as far as food is concerned and if I don’t get a good result I only need to look to the people I admire who deal with gains and maintains spectacularly well. There are two in particular. One is Just Julie and I’m pretty sure the other can guess who he is, and the thing about these spectacular people is I see them have disappointing and undeserved results at times, and although they’re obviously not happy about it, they don’t let it derail them. I wait with anticipation for the following week’s results and watch all of the hard work pay off as they are rewarded for sticking with it. Even when it might be the last thing they wanted to do at the time.

And that’s where I must leave you because it’s 8pm and I haven’t even started dinner yet. So much for being organised…

Hayley x

About Hayleyhttp://hayleyslims.wordpress.comCrazy bird lady, vegan, weight loss and fitness enthusiast, lover of photography

6 thoughts on “A Pleasant Surprise

  1. Those are some fantastic shots! I particularly like the translucency on the leaf – the colours REALLY pop through! I’m going to try and get one like that myself!

    Well – I will when the terminally grey skies and hammering rain go away…

    The landscape outside my window looks WAY too soggy today for any pictures.

    Good on you with regard to the gains and maintains attitude. I know only too well that what I say is often only part of how I feel about it – but writing it in public and thinking it out always helps me put things into perspective. I guess what I’m saying is REGARDLESS of how you feel if it happens just talk it out and keep putting one foot in front of the other. After a while you’ll just come to realise that in he big scheme of things its just another part of the journey.

    Oh – and keep focused on measurements. You were looking very slender in the last full length shots you recently posted and THAT is something to pat yourself on the back about – REGARDLESS of what happens. 🙂

    Fingers crossed for a good result x

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    • Why thank you ☺ I’ve realised how lucky I was yesterday because it’s grey and miserable here too.

      Good idea with the measurements – I’m going to update them all tomorrow and see how they compare to the first time I did them. I’m pretty sure I have them written down somewhere from this time last year so it’ll be interesting to see what the difference is x

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      • I’m sure it’s a lot! Things like that take the sting out of a maintain and keep your eye on the prize.

        I find slimming world (as great as it is) can be too focused on scales as an identifier of progress.

        It occurred to me recently that a new way forward with slimming clubs like this is more advanced scales. There are ones available now that can give you info on fat vs fluid and muscle density, which I think would be a real step in the right direction and promote a fitter and more active lifestyle.

        I’ve seen people actively avoiding exercise in case they gain weight which is madness!

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      • I had an interesting Slimming World group not so long ago where the consultant explained how it’s the plan, not exercise, that gets you the losses and exercise will only equate to a couple of extra pounds a year.

        What a load of nonsense! There was no mention of the type of exercise, intensity, duration etc so how could she possibly come to that conclusion? Is that information from Slimming World? I just let it go in one ear and out the other!

        Yes it does make me sad when people avoid exercise for that reason, I had a lot of those in my group. It’s good for you on so many levels!

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      • I totally agree. We had a guest consultant one weekend who said that no amount of exercise will ever equate to weight loss.

        I’d have really liked to have had a chat with her after I weighed in post-Snowdon. What a muppet she was!

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