I’m not going to hit my weekly goals this time around. I haven’t done any exercise biking, and even if I did some today that would make it one session rather than the four I’d planned. Oops! I’ve just been terribly sleepy this week but where I’ve made sure I’ve had enough rest for work I found the work week not only went quicker but I was crazy productive and worked my butt off. I don’t particularly care for what my managers think of me, but I do take a certain amount of pride in a good night’s work and it also means I’m more able to get a favour such as holiday when it’s probably fully booked or working in an area that I prefer.

I was going to get on the bike today anyway, but I slept funny last night and I’m having some fantastic spasms in my neck and shoulder. It was a bit twingy this morning but I’d planned to go out early and search for coats so that’s what I did.

I saw one on the Asda website for £25 and I’m so glad I went to check it out for real rather than ordering it because it was a pile of crap. It was so thin, it was barely thicker than a rain mac (the kind that folds up into a pocket) and I already have one of those! For some really stupid reason I had decided to visit Holland & Barrett first and presently the frozen vegan sausages I had in my bag were slowly defrosting, so I legged it Primark for a last-ditch attempt. I’d already looked online at other shops in the town centre and knew that they were out of my price range (damn you , expensive yet beautifully made, exceptionally comfortable vegan shoes!) so it was Primark or bust.

I got into Primark and my heart sank. I wanted a Parka-type coat as a jacket is no good for me – I still have to have something covering my tum. I picked one up – they had it in a size 18 (I’m an 18 on the bottom, 16 on top, so if it’s going over my tum then 18 it must be) but… looking at it I thought there was absolutely no way it was going to fit. And Primark don’t even do a size 20. I decided to try it on anyway simply to see just how far I’d have to go before it fit, and whether it would be worth buying it now and making do with jumpers and cardigans until I can lose more weight.

But… it fit. With room to spare! I could have got the 16, but I thought it wise to leave myself room for jumpers underneath if need be. Plus it has drawstrings so as  I lose weight I can pull those in.

It looks quite snuggly, doesn’t it! Thankfully the fur trim is of the faux variety (and I’m sure of that, because it feels somewhat scratchy) but look how warm it will keep my head once the weather gets worse! And also it fits well enough that I think it will stay on in a strong wind rather than flipping off.

This coat was £23 so I still had a bit of my budget left to spend. That wasn’t what I intended to do, but on the way to the changing rooms I saw a trench coat. I used to have a size 16 trench coat from GAP waaaaaaay back in the day which I absolutely loved. I wish I’d kept it, because it was really good quality. I suppose it must have become too depressing to hold on to at some point. Again I didn’t think it’d fit, but then it did, and I was over the moon!

It’ll be absolutely no good if I’m outside for any length of time, but as long as I can get the night off in December I’m going out for dinner for my sister’s birthday and I’m really looking forward to it. I already have an outfit in mind, but if I don’t have something to cover myself with then I will freeze to death between the car and the restaurant. So I thought it prudent to grab this coat for only £14 while it’s there and I am oh so chuffed with it.

I don’t know if you can see from the picture but it’s belted so again, there’s more life to be had from it once I lose more weight. It pulls the tiniest bit at one of the buttons over my breasticle, but at the rate they’re shrinking it honestly won’t be long before it fits perfectly! I sent this picture to my sister and she loves it, so if she doesn’t have one by the end of the week I’ll be very surprised.

It still amazes me how there is such a thing as having a positive experience during a shopping trip now. I used to come back from town feeling miserable and defeated, often with a load of crappy food to try (and fail) to make myself feel better. Or a load of frumpy old lady clothes that I hated but it was all that would fit. Those days are gone, never to return.

Once back from town I drove my mum to the chemists to sort out a prescription. She has them delivered now but this particular one confused them and she had to sort it out in person. As we were queueing my neck started spasming and the damn thing hasn’t really stopped since. It hurts just to bring a cup up to my mouth so I thought it best not to get on the bike after all, and instead had a nap as I had an awful sleep last night.

The sleep didn’t do much to alleviate it, but I don’t even care because now I’m rested, there’s a ton of new seasons on Netflix of shows that I love, and best of all it’s weigh day tomorrow and I have another week of sticking to plan 100% under my belt!

Here’s bit more honesty for you – I still haven’t mastered the not weighing daily thing. So I know roughly what to expect but it’s not the same until it’s done on the official day at the official time. Let’s just say after last week’s result it’s not going to be an amazing loss, but then I never thought it would be. After my recent shenanigans as long as I’m losing every week then I’ll be a very happy Hayley indeed.

I’ll let you know how I get on tomorrow!

Hayley x

About Hayleyhttp://hayleyslims.wordpress.comCrazy bird lady, vegan, weight loss and fitness enthusiast, lover of photography

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