Every day this week I’ve left for work with sweat on my brow. I’ve been layering up because I as a result of losing 6 stones-worth of insulating fat I just can’t cope with the cold any more. Each night before I’ve left the house I’ve thought to myself ‘this is mistake, I’m going to melt’ and as soon as I get to work I think ‘ah, no, you should have worn more layers’. I didn’t order any thermals from my work clothing allowance last year because I still had some from the year before, and although it’s free I don’t just get it for the sake of it. But I gave that lot to charity in the spring because it was all too big anyway. I simply cannot wait for this years allowance, which normally comes through around the end of October, so I’ve had to order a few cheap bits from Amazon.

Because of all the layers I’ve been wearing so far (and it’s still only September!) I’ve felt really frumpy and uncomfortable, which has had a surprising effect on my positivity. It was like I felt that I was putting on weight just because I looked bigger in all those clothes, even though I know that’s not true. The mind is a strange thing, so I just gave myself a mental shake and carried on. I feel better now! I heard the term snowbesity on a comedy show (Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt) and it refers to when you don’t know if someone is fat or not because they’re wearing a winter coat. It instantly brought to mind the people I work with because in the spring when everyone stops wearing boiler suits and whatnot they all look really skinny!

Speaking of winter coats I’m going into town to search for one tomorrow. Today I’ve been having a sort-out and I’ve been absolutely brutal with the clothes I have and haven’t kept. There are some summer bits that I’m quite fond of but there’s simply no point in putting them away for next year – they’re already too big as it is. Now my wardrobe mostly consists of black work tops but I’m going to try hard not to buy too much new stuff this winter. A new coat has to be an exception though, because the two coats I’ve had for a few years absolutely drown me now so they’ll be going to the charity shop along with my summer bits. I’ve been looking online and Asda seems like a good bet, as it has to be cheap. I have no intention of that coat still fitting me come this time next year, and judging by how focused I am right now I’d be surprised if it whatever I get isn’t comically big on me by the spring!

I mentioned recently that I can’t drink coffee any more, and I have finally found a replacement. It’s handy because I don’t need sweetener with it or have to prepare it like I do posh coffee. It is simply tea, earl grey, hot, so you can call me Pickard from now on. I’ve been drinking it like it’s going out of fashion so I wonder how long it’ll be before I get absolutely sick of it and I’m left searching for another hot beverage? Hopefully me and the earl will have a good run.

I would love to have a nice long weekend post for you, but unfortunately this week has just passed in one big blur and there’s not much to show for it (until we get to pay day that is) but I will say that I’m having a love affair with my bed since my sister donated a memory foam mattress to me. The only problem is getting out from under my warm snuggly duvet.

You’ve got to appreciate the simple things in life.

Thanks for reading,

Hayley x

About Hayleyhttp://hayleyslims.wordpress.comCrazy bird lady, vegan, weight loss and fitness enthusiast, lover of photography

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