I’ve been thinking about what I’ve done differently this week. My steps have suffered where I’ve concentrated on getting enough rest, and although I’ve been on the exercise bike it hasn’t quite been enough to compensate and my calorie burn has been a bit lower than usual. On the food side of things, I’ve been eating a lot more beans and pulses, my syns have been a bit lower than usual, and I’ve eaten a lot more speed than usual. That’s with both quantity and variety. I’ve also cut down on free foods like Linda McCartney red onion and rosemary sausages. Originally this was because of how windy they make me, but then I decided it was about time I stopped putting 6 sausages on the plate in one go. Two is actually enough!

The biggest difference has to be that I actually stayed on plan for 7 whole days. The end result?

9 lbs off! 

I wasn’t expecting this to be the case. I was hoping for a good loss, and I was certain I was going to get my 5-and-a-half stone award back. But did I think I’d be getting my 6 stone award back too? Nope, I absolutely did not! I first earned it on the 17th of July and my plan after that was to get in the 14 stone bracket. Instead I (albeit briefly) ended up in the 16 stone bracket. I have 1 lb to go before I’m back to my best loss of 6 stone 2 lbs then I’m in a whole new territory. And my aim then is to really get into the 14 stones by the end of the month, or at the very least early October. I only have 3.5 lbs to go! All I have to do is not sabotage myself.

As such my goals for the next week are much the same as last week’s, but here they are written down anyway, for accountability purposes.

  1. Stay on plan for the whole 7 days
  2. Do four exercise bike sessions
  3. No Daily Weighing!

I failed miserably on the weighing in front last week, but I did hold off for five or six days so it was still a great surprise to see that the number had gone down dramatically. Still, there is clearly room for improvement. I shall simply try again! Apart from that I smashed all of last week’s goals.

My weight loss goal for next week is to lose at least 2 lbs. That way I’ll be at my lowest Slimming World weight (in recent years, anyway) and it’ll be my third loss in a row.

Now I’m going to try and get a pre-work sleep despite that fact that I’m buzzing with excitement. I can actually do this!

Thanks for reading,

Hayley x

About Hayleyhttp://hayleyslims.wordpress.comCrazy bird lady, vegan, weight loss and fitness enthusiast, lover of photography

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