Feelin’ Groovy

Life is good! I mean, I have a banging headache, but who cares? Nothing’s bringing me down today!

I’ve discovered something about myself. If I don’t have a deadline for something or at least some sort of structure then there’s not much chance of it actually getting done. I had plans to sort some things out during my three weeks off but I’ve been more productive cramming things in between the last three shifts at work than I did the whole time I was off.

My new routine has been working well, although the first day was a complete fail. I figured because of the poor sleep the day before that I’d crash out, but nope, it was even harder to sleep. But then by the next day I’d cracked it and although I took emergency caffeine to work I found I didn’t actually need it.

Today I work up early but I wasn’t up for long before I started feeling really sleepy, so I hung out with the green one for a while then went back to bed to try and sleep off the headache that was creeping up on me. I woke up feeling worse, but I’ve had a great sleep and I know it’ll see me through my shift. That’s a win!

The last few shifts at work have been OK, because I’ve been working hard on changing my perspective towards the place. Recently I’ve become so frustrated because as long as the work is done people don’t seem to care about rudeness or even people being downright dangerous. There are reporting procedures in place but no one sticks to them, and when I put in written ‘near miss’ reports they go missing or come back 6 months later when the offending person has usually already left. So no matter who I tell, no matter what colleague I ask nicely to please try not to kill anyone, nothing changes. So if the situation won’t change, then I have to change the way I react to it.

No matter what happens, my reaction now is to just keep on smiling. And so far, so good.

On Wednesday morning I left work on a complete high after having a conversation with a colleague who doesn’t work over my side of the warehouse very often. He recently found it very hard to get over a previous relationship, but he was telling me how he has now regained his confidence and what a great time he’s been having. His positivity was totally infectious and it was great to see him so happy.

Then last night I saw another colleague who again I don’t see very often, and we made another man have a (very minor) crash as he overheard us talking about boobies as he drove past. I also remembered how I used to joke flirt all the time and how much fun it was. I think I’m too serious these days so I want to lighten up a bit mentally as well as physically!

Best of all I can feel that I’ve lost weight, and although the temptation is huge I haven’t had a sneak peek on the scales. I also feel less bloated around the middle and my face is visibly less puffy. Yay!

Dinner is on the go now so I’d best be finishing that off, in between enjoying the sound of torrential rain, dramatic clouds and red rainbows.

About Hayleyhttp://hayleyslims.wordpress.comCrazy bird lady, vegan, weight loss and fitness enthusiast, lover of photography

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