Lightbulb Moment?

Do you know, I think I’ve had a breakthrough! I spent today mostly feeling completely rotten. I woke up after a 9 hour sleep feeling exhausted, then spent another hour just trying to convince myself to get out of bed. Eventually I did, and once Pea had eaten her breakfast I tried out my new gadget – an exercise bike.

Normally I just buy the cheapest thing I can find, but since my last big exercise purchase (a cross trainer) didn’t work out so well, I gave this investment a little more thought. I splashed out a little more for a sturdier bike – it seems very well built – and one with user programmes so I can pretend I’m going up and down hills. It’s magnetic so it’s whisper quiet, and it has a handy shelf for my phone so I can watch crap on Netflix as I work out.

Today I did half an hour, worked up a healthy sweat, and felt pretty good for about 30 minutes afterwards. I’m really pleased with the bike, I couldn’t be happier, but I started feeling poorly once I stopped moving.

I’m getting really frustrated with this and have been racking my brains trying to figure out what the hell is going on with me. And do you know I really think I’ve got to the bottom of it.

Before my hormones went all screwy I was drinking a significant amount of really strong coffee every single day. Since my monthlies went up the wall my tastes have been changing, and as I mentioned in a very recent post, I can’t drink coffee anymore. So my coffee consumption has gone from 8+ very strong cups a day to nothing whatsoever. I looked up the symptoms of caffeine withdrawal and low and behold, I have a full house.

I’m convinced this is the problem, I actually slapped my forehead and exclaimed ‘you idiot Hayley!’ because it’s so blindingly obvious! Everything fits, including the timescale, so in a few days I should start to regain some energy. I had to go back to bed for two hours this afternoon because I really was that tired.

It’s also good that this happened while I was off work because it’s given me a chance to get my s**t together, and I’d like to add I spent another day perfectly on plan (although because of all the sleep my calorie burn has been horrendously low) and I’m optimistic tomorrow will be that little bit better.

I’m currently sitting at 3,000 steps, and since I’ve gone back to 10,000 a day for now, after last week I know I can do that easily enough before I get an early night.

I’m feeling really positive that things are on the up, let’s see how they pan out!

Hayley x

About Hayleyhttp://hayleyslims.wordpress.comCrazy bird lady, vegan, weight loss and fitness enthusiast, lover of photography

9 thoughts on “Lightbulb Moment?

  1. Be careful not to allow too much blood into your coffee stream!!! This sort of dramatic reduction should only be attempted with a trained medical barista at hand.

    I’d quit too – but my blood has just the right level of crema on it now when I cut myself.

    That took hard work πŸ‘πŸ½

    (Good work on the exercise bike btw – whoever suggested getting one of those must be a genius)

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  2. Well done for still getting the exercise in despite feeling tired! You should definitely be proud.
    Also, the body can react surprisingly strong to any changes in diet. ^__^” I am currently on team withdrawal too (though not from coffee) so I know how you feel. Hang in there!

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