Back in Control

Ok, something really strange is going on. The other day I ran out of my favourite Lidl ground coffee, and since I was in Tesco anyway I decided to try one of their French varieties. I didn’t like it at all, in fact it made me feel a little bit sick so unfortunately it ended up in the bin. After that I was out walking a lot so mostly just stuck to water, but yesterday I stocked up on the Lidl coffee again but after drinking it I still felt sick. I didn’t think anything of it, but since I had to pop into town anyway to get a last minute birthday present for my dad I thought I’d get a cold brew from Starbucks while I was there. I enjoyed it as I was drinking it, but I felt sick as a dog afterwards.

Yesterday I sort of spent the whole day on plan. Whilst I was waiting in the Starbucks queue I spotted a really yummy sounding salad, which also happened to be suitable for vegans. My turn to be served was coming up, so I just grabbed it without checking the Syns first. As my drink was being prepared I justified the purchase to myself – For one, it was absolutely jam packed with healthy ingredients such as several different grains, pumpkin seeds, sugar snap peas (oh my they were so, so sweet!) butternut squash, chargrilled broccoli, peppers and more. Also it was only 300 kcals, so whatever the Syns it couldn’t be that bad for me. Finally, because it was specifically labelled as vegan I felt it was my duty to buy it so that Starbucks know there is demand for such things and carry on stocking them. I am pretty damn good at talking myself into eating things!

I took my wares to the park to eat, but before I opened it I realised it didn’t come with a fork, so I just finished my coffee and then went home. I was feeling very sick indeed by the time I got in, but I’d only had a cereal bar for breakfast and it was almost 3pm, so I just put it down to hunger. I ate my salad and oh my gosh I swear to you it was hands down the most delicious salad I’ve ever eaten in my entire life. Unfortunately it’s a new product so it’s not on Syns Online yet, but I emailed photos of the packaging to Slimming World and popped it through the Syns calculator. Using rice, which is the first ingredient listed, as the free food allowance part, it comes up as 7.5 Syns. With no free food allowance, it’s 15 syns. Since there were so many free and speed foods in there anyway, there’s no way it can be the full 15 syns, so I counted it as 10 and only had one other Syn that day which I used on nutritional yeast. So even though I couldn’t be 100% certain on the Syns, I still made really healthy choices and enjoyed my food.

I felt better immediately after eating, but I’ve felt queasy ever since. I can’t stand the thought of having a coffee, which really isn’t helpful when I’m trying to be ‘good’. Until now I’ve used coffee as something to occupy myself when I’m feeling like I want to eat out of boredom or tiredness, but I just can’t do that right now. I walked to Lidl this afternoon and got myself some peppermint tea as a replacement that might also settle my stomach, but so far it hasn’t helped. I did have a cup of hot water with Marmite, which might seem like the devil’s creation to some people, but I really enjoyed it! It also contained 100% of my recommended daily allowance of B12, and I checked that B12 can withstand high temperatures before I made it. I definitely intend to make sure that eating for health and happiness is right up on my list of priorities along with taste, enjoyment, and Slimming World suitability. This evening I’m having half an avocado with my dinner, and I’m going to add more nuts and seeds to my diet too.

Where food is concerned I’m feeling certain that I have everything well and truly back under control for the time being. I also have good news where exercise is concerned! My goal for last week was to do an average of 20,000 steps per day. Monday to Wednesday were excellent and I was ahead of schedule, but Thursday was dreadful with only 6,461. Friday wasn’t much better (11,010) and I thought about giving up, but on Saturday I absolutely smashed it with 36,571. That left me with just under 19,000 to do on Sunday, and although I was feeling iffy and the last 1,000 was done pacing around the living room, I still did it.

That’s a weekly record for me, and I’m happy to report that although I found it boring at times because I didn’t exactly choose exciting places to go, my body held up to it quite well. I didn’t get any blisters thanks to my lovely comfortable trainers, and I only got some minor aches in the small of my back. I remember when I first got my Fitbit, trying to do 10,000 steps a day used to absolutely kill my hips. My body is being a bit weird lately, but it didn’t let me down in this respect. I also found out today that my iron levels are completely normal, so that’s another bonus right there!

Whenever I’ve been really big (i.e. most of my life) I’ve avoided going out in summer. Or ever really, so I never really got much daylight. Now I’m out and about more for my excursions I’ve found that suncream makes my face itch, and being a ginger not wearing any isn’t an option. So I’ve gone miles out of my comfort zone and bought myself two hats in the New Look sale. One was £3, the other £3.50, and although I don’t think they particularly suit me I am not ashamed to wear them in public and they will prevent me looking like a tomato!

It’s a shame the sun has disappeared for now, which is probably my fault for buying hats. Sorry!

It is almost time for dinner now and I can hear that avocado half calling me from here. Thank you for reading my ramblings!

Hayley x

About Hayleyhttp://hayleyslims.wordpress.comCrazy bird lady, vegan, weight loss and fitness enthusiast, lover of photography

3 thoughts on “Back in Control

  1. Flipping awesome 👏

    Well done on the 20,000 per day – you da (wo) man!!!

    Also you manage to carry off a baseball cap way better than me. I just end up looking like an overweight ASBO recipient that pensioners need to avoid 😂

    I bet next week you’ll smash 20,000 without even noticing – and furthermore you’ll start feeling weird when you don’t 🤗

    Liked by 1 person

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