A bottomless pit

I'm really not expecting a great result for weigh in tomorrow. I was hoping I'd follow the 'quick on, quick off' pattern but this time I just don't think it's going to pan out that way. I suppose that's fair enough. Although in general I despise this saying, it is what it is. What the hell, I'll follow it up with what will be, will be!

I've been on plan for 7 whole days now (go me!) but I'm still not feeling 100% right in myself. I'm definitely visibly bloated, but worst of all, I am experiencing a lot of genuine hunger. And I'm talking a belly-gurgling, no-food-seems-to-touch-the-sides feeling of complete tummy emptiness!

I had a really poor sleep last night, and I woke up at 6am to my tummy rumbling. I tried to get back to sleep but it wasn't happening so I had a Perkier bar (using my B choice) and eventually got back off.

After having breakfast then taking my mum to a morning appointment, I was famished again by the time we got home at 11am. So I had an early lunch of a large jacket potato with a tin of lentil curry, into which I added an entire cauliflower. But I was hungry again five minutes later, so eventually I relented and had an afternoon nap. I can't keep eating if I'm asleep, and tiredness can make us feel hungrier in itself!

Before dinner I made sure I ate an orange before I started cooking, to try to avoid 'my eyes are bigger than my belly' syndrome. Yeah… it didn't work!
On the plate we have half of a roasting butternut squash, two large potatoes, four Linda McCartney sausages (2 syns) and some salad bits. Which is a large meal in itself.

In the bowl, which is a fairly substantially-sized pasta bowl, is my current favourite Slimming World meal. It's a vegan alternative to tuna mayo made out of a tin of chickpeas, spring onions, gherkins, dill, sweetcorn and a tablespoon of Tesco Free From salad cream for 1.5 syns. It's my new go-to work lunch as it's incredibly cheap, healthy and filling.

Finally, I feel full! Well, I also feel faintly nauseous if I'm honest, but at least the craving for cake has gone away.

Although my weekend is fast disappearing and I don't seem to have made much use of it, I'm so tired that words are not coming easily today. I did however feel that I needed to get these thoughts onto the page before I face the scales tomorrow.

It's really encouraging to me that I've managed to listen to my body today. I was hungry, so I ate. I was tired, and I slept. AND I got my 10,000 steps in. Whatever the result tomorrow, it will be OK. I'll get there in the end!

Thanks for reading,

Hayley x

About Hayleyhttp://hayleyslims.wordpress.comCrazy bird lady, vegan, weight loss and fitness enthusiast, lover of photography

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