Fightin’ Talk

I’ve mentioned it before but I’m really bad at living within my means. Just before I hid one of my credit cards (which doesn’t make a huge difference because I can use it via Apple Pay and PayPal) I treated myself to a couple of bits from Long Tall Sally, courtesy of Tesco Bank. I like the Long Tall Sally clothes, for the most part, but even their basics are just so damn expensive. I needed a couple of t-shirts for when I eventually go running with my sister (she’s mega busy trying to get her new house decorated and furnished) as all running gear for women seems to only cater for very short people. Me? I need a top that’s going to cover my tummy or I’m seriously not leaving the house! I managed to get two tops for £25 which isn’t too bad, even though the same sort of thing for a short person is more like £6, but while I was there I also bought a pair of £45 jeans. Oops. They are a pair of slouchy ‘boyfriend’ jeans (I really resent that term!) that are meant to fit well at the waist then be quite slouchy. I got them in a 16, and since I’m a 16-18 on the bottom at the moment, and as I say they are quite fitted, I can get them on but there’s a serious amount of muffin top going on. Plus I can’t breathe. So even though I haven’t quite recovered from my bad mood yet, I do have fresh focus because I really want to get into these 38″-inside-leg jeans! That is not my inside leg (I’m a 34″) but as I mentioned before they’re supposed to be slouchy. But they’ll be holding my tummy in nicely once they fit. I’m convinced they’re going to be a firm favourite so I need to get a grip and lose this damn weight!

I got up early today with the vague intention of ‘getting stuff done’ and on a whim checked the weather forecast. I was just starting my second very large and very strong cup of coffee, but since the weather was only going to be nice for the morning I quickly downed it, made myself look presentable and got my butt out of the house. I’ll admit that although I brushed my teeth and whatnot I didn’t have a shower, which is kinda gross, but in my defence I had one at 5pm yesterday so it’s not toooooooo icky. It does however show my dedication to catching what little sunshine was available!

First stop was the church on the hill, and for the first time ever I actually saw other people there even though it was only 10am. There was one lady who had the same intention as me – taking photos – and a young man who I’m pretty sure had tattooed eyeballs. I’m not judging, I just think it’s an interesting fact. I like it when people are different! I think he was just having a nice stroll, listening to music and enjoying the view.

Next I headed to the local park but there was a problem. After all that coffee I really needed to pee, so I had to venture into town (just a little bit) to use the facilities. The closest was M&S so I did what I needed to do, bought some nectarines and got the hell out of there. Because town on a Saturday doesn’t even bare thinking about.

The park was quite busy but I had the geese all to myself for a while, and I’m telling you there was an absolute army of them. For a split second I wondered whether I should feed them in case they got upset when I ran out of oats, but then I decided it was worth the risk for a good photo op.

There was easily the same amount of geese as you see in the picture here behind me, the other side of me and in the water. It’s clearly been a bumper year for mother and father geeses!

I used my oats to lure the geese away to either side of me so that the ducks could get a look-in. I’m thinking these ones are probably teenagers, but because their mum was with them they were exceptionally well behaved.

Apart from feeding the birds the best thing about the walk was that by 10:30am I’d already burned off the same amount of calories that I’d burned by 6pm yesterday. And I have another nice walk planned for tomorrow, somewhere a little different this time. I’m really annoyed that I didn’t think of it sooner, but what can you do. I’ll update you on that tomorrow.

When I got home I made myself a nice lunch of meat-free chicken-style burgers and some pretty weird sausages (all on plan though) with chips and salad. I’ve been sampling Fry’s Family Foods sausages and burgers and although they are really good value for syns (the sausages and ordinary burgers are 2 for half a syn, the chicken-style ones are 2 syns each) they are an acquired taste. The sausages have a kind of Play Doh texture that takes a bit of getting used to! Eventually I want to move away from these kinds of meat substitutes and cook more wholesome meals from scratch, but one thing at a time eh!

Now I’m going to get on and do all of the boring little jobs that I’ve been meaning to get around to for days…

Thanks for reading,

Hayley x

About Hayleyhttp://hayleyslims.wordpress.comCrazy bird lady, vegan, weight loss and fitness enthusiast, lover of photography

5 thoughts on “Fightin’ Talk

  1. You take some seriously awesome photos! I’m particularly liking your experiments with focus – and what you keep sharp and whats left blurred out. I keep meaning to explore my camera’s darker secrets but often just leave it on intelligent auto…

    I need to try harder!!!

    (P.S. I’m never ever ever ever paying £40+ for a pair of jeans ever again. I’ve been held to ransom by outsize retailers for way too long. My charity shop £3.50 pair from the other day are my bestest things ever!!! Becoming insanely thrift shop oriented could save your credit card a bashing!)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Awww thank you 😊 I do love it when my photographizing is appreciated! Stalker alert: I have done a tiny bit of research on your camera because of its awesome zoom capabilities. I’d love one because it’d be a great accompaniment to my nature walks but I can’t justify the cost right now due to having, hmm, about 30 cameras already? Most of them are vintage and don’t get used though (but seriously I have a problem). Anyway I did have a point… yes… the shallow depth of field (blurry bits) comes from controlling the size of the aperture which I don’t believe your camera can do. But there might be a setting that gets close so definitely experiment! I had a DSLR for about a year before I did an online diploma in photography for £20 via a Groupon-type-thing and it was a real turning point. The best £20 I ever spent! I’d highly recommend it even for people with ‘point and shoot’ cameras.

      As for jeans unfortunately the only person who donates anything that might fit to my local charity shops is me! I am 6ft tall but also an odd shape, so I need at least a 33 inch leg, a high waist and, preferably a straight leg jean. Sadly my perfect pair doesn’t seem to actually exist 😭 I don’t like boot cut jeans and they are the most readily available in my size (I say readily, I have managed to find two pairs in the entirety of the internet) The problem is I’m just so long, I had a boyfriend once who was two inches taller than me but my legs were about a foot longer than his! So when I find a pair that might fit I try not to worry too much about the cost. When my jeans fit I shall just wear them until they disintegrate. I suppose I’ll have to, otherwise I’ll go bankrupt 😂

      Liked by 1 person

      • Hahaha – I’ve never been camera stalked 😂 but it’s nice to know I have one now lol! I think what I need to do is play about in the garden with some birds and plants and just take loads of test shots.

        I have to say I totally sympathise with the whole long leg and size thing. The issue in my case is usually worsened by the fact that charity shops are 90% full of women’s clothes which makes my chances even lower 😢

        Oh and one can only hope that your jeans disintegrate when you’re NOT wearing them! x

        Liked by 1 person

      • I think that’s an excellent strategy. Just keep on snapping!

        Let’s hope they don’t, especially not at work. Although I wouldn’t be the first. My ex used to work with me and one day he bent over and split his trousers along the whole length of his butt 😂

        Liked by 1 person

      • I did the same when I worked in a warehouse. As I used to travel 90 mins on public transport to get to work and I ripped them in the morning I had to spend the rest of the day with my jacket tied round my waist and then wait in the (unusually draughty) cold for my bus in the evening.

        Sigh. Fun times.



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