Over and Done With

Well that’s it. I (probably) NEVER have to drive in London again! I say probably because if, one day, someone I love is in London and unable to get a train/taxi/bus/coach/boat home then of course I’ll help them out. But it’s pretty unlikely!

After all my talk about making up for eating badly with exercise, which I did do and I felt good about it and enjoyed it, I still ended up going off plan Monday and Tuesday. On Monday I was just dreading the drive to London the next day. In the afternoon my friend bought round the people carrier I was borrowing and I went for a drive with him as he said there were some ‘quirks’ he had to explain. Boy, he wasn’t kidding.

I’ve been driving for a long old time but for the last year I’ve been driving an automatic. So although these things always come back to me pretty quickly it was a shock to the system driving a manual again. Especially this particular manual, because it has something wrong with it and I had to put more pressure on the accelerator to make the car move then I had to put on the brake to make it stop. It passed an MOT of course but that’s not right! That needs to be looked at! You also have to give it plenty of gas to make the power steering work at slow speeds, which is really hard when you’re trying to reverse what is basically a frikkin bus into a tight a spot with a dodgy accelerator pedal and a left foot that hasn’t practiced clutch control in about forever.

So by Monday night I was pretty stressed and ended up eating some vegan-friendly naughties like avocados and Alpro ice cream. On the plus side these things are not nearly as bad as the things I used to eat when I went off plan – I used to have Ben & Jerry’s Phish Food, which is 270 kcals per 100g, whereas the Alpro chocolate and hazelnut flavour is 177 kcals. Which adds up when you are eating a whole tub.

On Tuesday from the moment I left my house I swear everyone was trying to kill me. I went straight ahead at the first roundabout I got to but the person on my right put their foot down, cut across the front of me and took the first exit. I was honestly gobsmacked, and I didn’t even have time to sound the horn. Unfortunately that was a sign of things to come and it’s nothing short of a miracle that I didn’t end up in an accident. I honestly had people coming at me from all directions, and for some of the time I don’t even blame them because as I reached central London there were a shocking amount of instances where road layouts have changed but they’ve just painted over the old markings. You genuinely can’t figure out which ones are even the new ones or where exactly you’re supposed to be!

With the ‘bus’ it only took two trips between London and Essex whereas in my car I reckon we were looking at about six. The downside is that I just ate whatever I wanted last night (houmous, more avocado, crusty bread, sundried tomatoes, dark chocolate, wine…) and I don’t have time to spend hours going out walking or whatever. For one I must spend some quality time with Pea! On the plus side it’s over, and I have nothing stressful in the near or far future to worry about. Plus I did one hell of a workout yesterday lugging huge bags of what I can only assume to be rocks up and down too many flights of stairs to mention.It’s just a shame I forgot to wear my Fitbit!

I don’t like how I let myself get so anxious over all this, and I have a lot to learn from the experience. I’m certainly not perfect but I’m still making progress, because every time I have these slip-ups I do seem to cope with the aftermath a little more sanely.

In any case I’m looking forward to when my sister is properly moved in (y’know, with furniture and stuff) because having her a 20 minute drive away is just going to be great. Especially as there’s an international greengrocer not a five minute walk away from her house so I can have a pomelo whenever I please! If you haven’t had one then I highly recommend you try them. They’re like giant grapefruits that have the grapefruit taste but none of the bitterness. And who knows what other exotic delights I’ll end up trying!

I skipped weigh in last night because I was just too tired and hungry, so the aim for this week is to work hard for either a maintain or some sort of loss, however big or small that may be. I desperately want to keep hold of my 6 stone award so if I want that, I have to earn it!

Thanks for reading,

Hayley x

About Hayleyhttp://hayleyslims.wordpress.comCrazy bird lady, vegan, weight loss and fitness enthusiast, lover of photography

5 thoughts on “Over and Done With

  1. That driving experience sounds much like what I remember of London lol – I don’t envy you having to go through that!

    However on the bright side it’s done and your sister is now closer – so yay for the win!

    Big hug for a disagreeable task completed 🤗

    Liked by 1 person

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