Healthy Competition

Me and my sister are currently embroiled in a bitter battle for first place in the Fitbit Workweek Hustle challenge. The challenge is a simple one – whoever gets the most steps between Monday and Friday gets first place. It has not been easy, but for now at least I am holding first place with a 4000-step lead. I can’t get complacent though, she could sneakily overtake me at any time so I need to keep walking! An early morning trip to Tesco today certainly helped, because I kept forgetting things and I retraced my steps a lot.

It’s doing me a lot of good though, being back on plan and keeping my activity levels up. My heart rate is gradually getting back to normal after my holiday at least!

Today Google photos sent me one of those ‘this time last year’ notifications and it was quite good to reflect how much things have changed in a year. I remember this time last year I was really pleased with myself for getting down to 20.5 stone. Now I’m 16 stone and half a pound! And there was a lot of upping and downing still to come.

As you can see it’s been one hell of a rocky road! The light blue line is my actual weight loss graph whereas the dark blue is my weight trend. For the last couple of months I think it’s been quite kind! I’m really excited to start seeing a downward trend again.

But a lot has changed apart from my weight. This time last year I was out drinking with people I now realise aren’t very kind people at all, and I was already paralytically drunk by this point (5pm). Thanks to modern technology my phone photos auto upload to the interwebs and even when I delete them off my phone I don’t delete them from Google, because you never know when you might need something. I probably could have done without keeping this little gem, but part of me thinks perhaps it’s good that I did. You see, I am never going to feel (or hopefully look) like this again, ever. Unless I get dragged through a hedge backwards, although I hope it doesn’t come to that.

That was one dreadful hangover. I woke up in the morning fully clothed, even with my shoes still on. That night I had fallen asleep in a toilet and all of my companions had gone on to a club without me. For some reason (I have no idea why) when I came to rather than go home I decided to join them! Never again. Never, ever, again.

This weekend instead of going out on the town I am looking forward to going to a bird exhibition type thingy called Think Parrots, and I’ve been getting excited thinking about what I’m going to eat. I have the night before booked off work so during the day I’m going to be making a crustless quiche, vegetarian scotch eggs and potato salad. There is only junk food to be had at the venue so I’m taking a ton of food for a few reasons – I don’t know how long we’re going to be there, 90% of the journey is M25 so if I get stuck in traffic I may need sustenance, and finally I LOVE FOOD! Whatever I don’t eat can be eaten for dinner when I get home, and if I do eat it all then what the heck, it’ll all be on plan. I’m also taking two pots of Alpro Go On (1 syn for a pot of the blackcurrant flavour) vanilla Skyr from Lidl (it reminds me of custard and it’s syn free) and some speedy fruit (mainly strawberries I’m thinking). I’m also having a cooked breakfast before I set off.

After that night out last year, once I’d recovered enough to eat, I ate an entire 20 inch pizza. This has been my favourite dinner of the week so far:

There’s an entire broccoli on that plate. Plus sweet potato, tomato, kale, red onion, tomato, carrots, veggie burgers, extra mature cheddar and mustard mayo. I used to think that I’d never be able to change, not really, but now I truly believe that I can. I’m never going to be the unrecognisable woman in the picture again. This is me now, and I like her much, much more!

Holy moly, I’ve just had a notification from Fitbit that my sister is on my tail! I’d best be off.

Thanks for reading,

Hayley x


About Hayleyhttp://hayleyslims.wordpress.comCrazy bird lady, vegan, weight loss and fitness enthusiast, lover of photography

2 thoughts on “Healthy Competition

  1. Flipping love this post – and the off the shoulder morning after look lol – that’s a shocker of a hangover by the looks of things and I honestly don’t envy you having that one hahaha!

    It also goes without saying that the before and after photos are like night and day. You can see that (however you may feel about progress occasionally) you’ve made MASSIVE strides in both health and self confidence.

    Good on you girl!

    Congrats also on the 2.5lb loss – way to go 😉


    Liked by 1 person

    • Haha yes it was certainly a doozie of a hangover. Since my partying days are now over at least I went out with a bang!

      Thank you, I’m definitely ready to kick some butt now. Fat I am coming for you!

      Liked by 1 person

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