Full of Beans

I’m feeling a lot more positive today. Yesterday I spent way too much time thinking about the mean work man, and I kept finding my thoughts wandering back to it without me even realising. The evening was tough too. After a lovely filling dinner I wanted something else, so as we sat down to watch Kubo and the Two Strings I had some wasabi peanuts for 5 syns, which took me up to 14 syns for the day. 

After the film I wanted even more food, but when I really thought about it I realised I wasn’t bored, sad, tired, and most importantly, I wasn’t hungry. So even though I could have had a free Skinny Latté Yoghurt I didn’t need it so I left it in the fridge. I was rather proud of myself for that. 

The morning I spent a lot of time with my parrot who is absolutely full of beans at the moment. She’s going through a massive moult which is triggered by longer daylight hours, so even she knows that it’s spring. Which is clever since it’s done nothing but chuck it down the whole day! 

I’ve been doing some training with her today in order to burn off some of her excess energy. Next month she’ll have lived with me for a year and up until last week she has gone to sleep at 7:30pm like clockwork. At the moment though she just wants to keep playing so I’ve had to cover her cage in order to get her to go to bed. She’s been an absolute delight though and we’ve had so much fun, so I’m not complaining. 

In the afternoon I needed to do some training myself so I did 30 minutes on the cross trainer followed by 15 minutes of kettlebell exercises. I use my kettlebells pretty much every day now and I’m slowly but surely building up how many sit-ups and whatnot I do. I can’t use the cross trainer with bare feet so I get the opportunity to wear my totally over-the-top trainers which I absolute love. If unicorns had human feet, this is what they would wear. They’d be absolutely useless for running or something like that, but for my purposes they’re just perfect. 

As I was putting my washing away today I realised that my usual weigh-in leggings have gone missing. How I could lose them is beyond me but it’s a disaster! They are the lightest of all my leggings so although rationally speaking I know that what I wear will not affect the amount of weight I’ve actually lost, I’m really paranoid that I won’t have a loss tomorrow. Especially as I had such a good one last week. But I know I’ve been 100% on plan, I’ve had the correct amount of speed food and I’ve done plenty of exercise so there’s no reason to feel paranoid at all. I know that the number on the scales is irrelevant, but I love to see that number going down all the same. 

Dinner saw the result of an experiment that I started weeks and weeks ago. When I buy some Slimming World friendly foods quite often I can’t eat them all in one go or just don’t want to spend all of my syns on them. 

So a while ago I decided to freeze the remainder of a pot of half fat sour cream in ice cube trays and while I was at it I put some Mini Stand n’ Stuff tortillas in there too. 

When I defrosted the sour cream it had split a bit but with a good stir it was just fine. The tortillas were perhaps a little dry but they were fine for me. I thoroughly enjoyed my epic yet very orange Quorn fajita concoction with sweet potato, although it could have done with some nice little gem lettuce. I’ll have to remember that for next time. 

Today I want to get my 10,000 steps and I’m still 4,000 short, so now I must go and stroll around for a while. Hopefully I’ll get time to update tomorrow with my weigh-in results. Wish me luck! 

Hayley x 

About Hayleyhttp://hayleyslims.wordpress.comCrazy bird lady, vegan, weight loss and fitness enthusiast, lover of photography

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