Rain or Shine

I. Am. Knackered.

I was really sensible on Saturday – as I knew I was going out walking in the morning I got some extra sleep in before work. So far so good. When I got to work I was informed that they were switching on the new system, and the last time that was attempted it lasted about an hour before everything crashed and we went back to the old one. This time pretty much the same thing happened, but in the process of trying to fix it the systems guys broke EVERYTHING. So for four hours last night I was doing absolutely nothing. Well, I did spend some time watching two fully grown men throw paper airplanes at each other…

When you are sitting around doing diddly squat the time drags like nothing on earth, and during the downtime I also managed to acquire a banging headache. When I got home after that complete waste of a night I took some painkillers, ate some breakfast and set my alarm for an hours time. After all I had planned to go out walking and nothing was going to stop me.

When I woke up I felt utterly dreadful and wanted nothing more than to stay in bed. But I got up anyway, grabbed a coffee, popped some in a flask for the journey, and set off with my little bro in tow. The weather was looking quite nice for all of five minutes, then it started chucking it down. The wind made it bitterly cold and quite painful at times (I actually got brain freeze at one point), but there was no way I was giving in! An hour later we reached the relative shelter of the woods and after that it was a lot better. I was absolutely soaked but the walk had warmed me up so I didn’t care.


Forgive the weird expression! In my defence I couldn’t see the screen properly so I thought I looked OK at the time. Once it stopped raining quite as hard because it was so windy I dried off pretty quickly, and eventually the sun even made a teeny escape from the clouds. Luckily I managed to get a nice progress shot of the bluebell wood.



Well, there are loads more bluebell plants than there were just one week ago, but they aren’t very big. So as I suspected I think it’s going to be a while before they flower. But it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Although me and my brother both agree we have pretty much outgrown these woods and need to find somewhere new to explore, we still managed to spend a couple of hours wandering around with me taking pictures when it was dry enough to get the camera out. With the journey to and from the nature park we were walking for over 4.5 hours and although I’m exhausted I also feel very angelic. It’s the kind of tired you only get from being outside in the fresh air, and I love that feeling. I am so glad I didn’t listen to my inner sloth today!


050317_1339The only downside is that the walk has definitely made me retain water. I know this because for some reason my normally pretty slim fingers look like sausages ready to burst. This in itself is no big deal, they’ll go back to normal soon enough, I’m just concerned that it might affect the scales on Tuesday. But at least if there is an anomaly I’ll know what caused it.

I have had a nap and although I’d like to spend the rest of the day catching up on my new YouTube subscriptions, I also need to eat dinner (which will come in the form of the remnants from last week’s shop) take delivery of this week’s shop and also (I can’t believe I’m saying this) do more walking. The thing is, I really want my ‘35,000 steps in one day’ FitBit badge and I am just too close to pass it up!

I’ve also started doing a few daily sit-ups and kettlebell exercises which I intend to build up gradually, so there’s that to be done too. Who even is this person?! I don’t know, but I like her.

I am so looking forward to this coming week. I am getting my hair cut, visiting my sister, taking photos of some colleagues having their legs waxed for charity, visiting a castle and as my dad is going on holiday I’m getting the keys to his flat so I can HAVE A BATH! I haven’t had a bath since August (we only have a shower room, I’m not really gross and have washed since that time!) and oh my god I miss soaking in the tub. I have bought my favourite Lush bath bomb too. These are exciting times indeed!

I must be off now as I’m running out of hours in the day. As ever, thanks for reading.

Hayley x

About Hayleyhttp://hayleyslims.wordpress.comCrazy bird lady, vegan, weight loss and fitness enthusiast, lover of photography

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