Fresh Inspiration

First of all a shoutout must go to Gempiccaddilly for putting me on to a new (and marvellous) source of inspiration. I’ve watched a couple of YouTuber’s talk about various things in the past and always found it quite cringey, but when Gempiccaddilly mentioned one particular vlogger in this post I decided to give it another go.

Oh. My. Gosh. This lady – Von Choc – is brilliant. She’s just wonderful to watch, and within two days of watching some of her videos she’s already helped me so much. Remember the Super Slimmers ‘documentary’ on Channel 4? She made a video about her thoughts on that and wow, there was such a lightbulb moment. She just has this way of putting things in perspective, which is so important for us slimmers I think. It’s easy to be a bit blinkered and not be able to see the bigger picture.

The first video I watched was nearly 30 minutes long, and to be honest I really didn’t think I’d sit it out. But now I’ve started I can’t stop and I’m currently watching all of her videos from the beginning, which she has very helpfully compiled into a chronological playlist here.

This video, titled Can Slimming World Be Better, had me saying ‘yes, exactly!’ out loud to my computer. Just to be clear – like me, this lady loves the Slimming World plan, but there are things that could be improved (Syns Online search function, I’m looking at you) and her idea, along with other vloggers, is that if we start the conversation about it as members, then maybe we can implement change.

Since I’m a vegetarian I’ve been watching the Porky Lights saga unfold from a distance, but Von Choc makes some really interesting points about the whole thing in a video dedicated to ‘SausageGate’. There are a few facts that you won’t get from your Slimming World consultant, in fact I haven’t heard a thing since Slimming World’s initial statement advising people to use 4.5 syns per sausage, so I’d recommend giving it a watch. I’ve managed to convince a fellow member not to feed the 18-pack she’d just bought to her dog, which cannot be a bad thing.

Ok, I think I’m done gushing for now!

Do you ever go through a phase of a month or so where you don’t feel any different, then all of a sudden you just do? Lately I’ve looked in the mirror and just seen my old self looking back at me, but yesterday I felt really slim for some reason. I tried on my old motorbike trousers a little while ago (I don’t remember when) and I could just about get them over my legs. As for being able to do them up well it wasn’t even close! So I decided to get them out of storage and they only bloody well fit now! I can do them up AND breathe at the same time. Which is handy. Unfortunately I can’t sit down in them yet, but that’s not hugely important. At some point the plan is that I’ll go out with my brother on his bike as he’s never had anyone ride pillion with him before. When he passed his test his instructor told him that when he does it for the first time to take someone who has experience being a passenger on a bike, and I think I’m the only person he knows with that qualification. The problem is that at the moment our combined weight is too much for the bike to handle! I haven’t been able to do those trousers up since 2014 though, so I’m still feeling pretty good about it.

The day before yesterday I started doing more structured exercise again and got my kettlebells out for the first time in weeks. At the time it didn’t hurt, but now it really, really, does. So I’ve been walking a little bit like I’ve made a mess in my undergarments, but as soon as the soreness has died down I’ll do it again. I also have a pilates video recommended by my sister to try out. I really want my Gold Body Magic Award, which is eight weeks of 30 minutes exercise a day including two sessions of strength training. I do 30 minutes walking every day at least (which is where I actually take time out to walk around rather than include any incidental walking as I go about my day) and if I keep up the exercise videos too then that award will be mine! I’m not very good at remembering to do my kettlebells so I’m hoping the incentive of a new shiny sticker will keep it fresh in my mind.

Work has been a little… tricky this week. Our activity is monitored every second of every shift, so we always have to be doing something, but this is the quietest time of year for the company I work for. So there isn’t actually much to do. It’s been a fine balancing act of doing enough that we hit our rate as a department but also pacing it out so it lasts, and hitting our personal rates as workers, and also not falling asleep due to the sheer boredom of these quiet times. And then there’s the fact that we can go home if we want to, but it’s unpaid. Things are a bit tight for the next couple of months but that temptation is ever present!

So far I’ve been good though and have stayed at work, and I’m staying motivated by thinking about my plans for the weekend. Me and my brother are going back to the woods we visited last week, as we are waiting for the bluebells to come out. According to my mum they’re what I photographed last Sunday, and I don’t want to miss them even though it’s still very early and unlikely they will flower for a good few weeks yet. But I’m not taking chances! For extra exercise and to save using petrol, we are going to walk to the country park. It’s at the top of a very long and very steep hill, which is excellent for exercise and excellent training for our Snowdon trip in May.

I shall update on Sunday when I have more to say other than how boring work was!

Hayley x


About Hayleyhttp://hayleyslims.wordpress.comCrazy bird lady, vegan, weight loss and fitness enthusiast, lover of photography

11 thoughts on “Fresh Inspiration

      • They were on about it again this morning. Apparently secret scientists have tested multiple batches all over the country in different labs and they’re all completely different.

        My answer? Don’t eat sausages 😀

        If you want meat have real meat and season it I say – much better for you!

        Liked by 1 person

      • Absolutely! In fact I saw on TV recently (something with Jamie Oliver in) showing that it’s surprisingly easy to make your own. If I wasn’t a veggie I’d just do that, at least then you know exactly what’s going into it.

        Liked by 1 person

      • I’m probably overly paranoid about processed food. Some things I eat – and to an extent its quite hard to avoid in some ways – but I want everything to be real. I spent way too much time eating starchy crap!

        Liked by 1 person

      • I think your concerns are justified. I recently read a headline about Quorn mince being recalled and when I found out it’s because it might have pieces of metal in it I thought ‘well that’s pretty normal, at least it wasn’t meat’. That kind of response is probably not normal!

        By the way if I go quiet now you aren’t being ignored, I have to get ready for work now. Boo 😩

        But thank you for giving me my best day for likes so far on this here little blog!

        Liked by 1 person

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