Lazy Sunday

There are plenty of things I could be doing today. I could get an early start on the laundry, which is typically done on a Monday, I could be vacuuming or I could be cleaning up all of the food my parrot has thrown around the room. Instead I’m sitting here in a onesie with a sleepy bird perched on my shoulder.


She’s just finished eating her breakfast hence the mucky beak! Last night I came home from work early as we ran out of stuff to do. I could have stayed. No, I should have stayed but to be honest I was just about done for the week at that point. It’s been nice doing more physical things at work- I’ve had better quality sleep and the nights have flown by, but now I ache. My legs are covered in bruises (but they don’t hurt and I have no idea how I got them), my fingers are stiff from trying to grip heavy things and my big toes are very sore where they’ve been rubbing on my steel toe caps. I’ve worn the same boots for months with no problems, but when you start walking a few miles in them they become a bit unforgiving.

The upside of all this activity is that I won the Workweek Hustle challenge I was in with my sister! I only beat her by about 2000 steps so it was still pretty close (2000 steps is not a huge amount in Fitbit world!). And that’s why I’m going to allow myself to relax a little bit today, what with doing 77,000 steps in the last five days!


On Friday I got a message from the Union chap who said that we have a meeting scheduled with a very high-up manager and HR on Tuesday night to ‘discuss the options available to the business and possible solutions to the concerns you raised’. Which is not good for me. For one, just writing that last sentence has made my heart beat faster and caused me to come out in a sweat. Secondly, if I was going to be permanently relieved of desk duties, then I think they would have just said that. I don’t want solutions, I just want to be out of it! But on the plus side someone is actually listening, and also I might help make life better for the people still doing that job, in the long run. The trouble is I’m finding it hard to keep my principles- a big part of my brain is telling me that we shouldn’t give a second thought to those people and just protect ourselves! Hopefully after this meeting there’ll be some sort of resolution, and I can stop worrying. So one task for my weekend is to try not to stew over it!

I only have a couple of other plans for my two days off, but it’ll be enough to keep me busy. It’s my friend’s birthday tomorrow so he’s coming over today for a Slimming World dinner. When I say friend, I am actually talking about my ex who I’m now very good friends with. I think I’ve gone into this before on here but I’ll just reiterate that yes, it’s a bit of a weird situation, but for now I think we’re both in the same place and happy with how things are between us! Anyways, he’s loosely following the Slimming World plan so I’ll cook up something nice for him. I’m not sure just what yet as I’ve got to go shopping later to actually get the food. I’m hoping something will jump out at me.

Other than that the plan is to be extra lazy and watch about 5 films on my Netflix watchlist. They don’t often have many films that I want to watch (I’m more of a series kind of girl these days) but at the moment there are a good few I want to watch and I need to catch them before they disappear. Thankfully I’ve got a few bags of low-syn skinny popcorn to keep me going during this time.

My hoop did arrive yesterday but I want to get some photographic evidence (for your amusement) before I tell you how that went.

For now, as ever, thank you for reading.

Hayley x

About Hayleyhttp://hayleyslims.wordpress.comCrazy bird lady, vegan, weight loss and fitness enthusiast, lover of photography

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