Groups and Meetings

It’s been another gray old day today. I find it so hard to get out of bed when it’s like this. Can’t I just hibernate until it’s over?

Yesterday was my weigh-in and group was something of a mixed bag. People were really chatty this week and I did struggle to concentrate on what people were saying, but before group started I met a lovely lady who only joined last week. I am not someone who finds it easy to talk to new people (or any people for that matter) but she is someone who can naturally keep the conversation flowing without being boring. I envy her so much! She is also a photographer so although I am very amateur, and I am happy that way, I envisage lots of photography conversations in the future. Group overran a little bit this week and I was the last to have my turn, which is typical because it was the one time I’ve really needed some help! But although it was a little rushed afterwards a lot of people came over to tell me how well I’ve done and someone even said I inspire her! How nice is that? And also the people of the internet have been lovely and supportive too. I’m making it sound all doom and gloom but I actually managed a thoroughly decent 2.5 lb loss this week. I am so happy and relieved. It just goes to show that one evening off plan doesn’t have to mean a gain if you get straight back on it. I didn’t even limit my syns for the rest of the week.

I think the reason I needed a bit of help this week is because I was so scared of going back to work. I thought at the very least there would be conflicts and bad feelings. But it was actually one of the best nights I’ve had in a long time! Working on my old department was so refreshing even though a lot has changed since I last did it. Last year I was trained on a new bit of MHE (manual handling equipment) called a LLOP. The new starters have all been trained and by the way they were always smashing into things I assumed it would be difficult. I breezed through my test after the first day of what is normally a two day training course, but then didn’t drive one again properly until nearly a year later. So when it came to having to drive one last night I was not feeling confident at all. But as it happens I must just be a natural (or it really is super easy) as I breezed around and smashed my target that I have to reach. We have performance indicators, and I’m expected to hit a PI of 85, but I was on 97 the last time I checked. That can’t be a bad thing! Before I started the shift the manager running the department was very supportive and didn’t rush or pressure me, so I think that’s one of the reasons I got on so well. So I’m very grateful for that.

Tonight I have a meeting with my Union Rep and HR and I’m trying not to think about what I’ll say until the last minute. The Union chap is going to speak to me for half an hour before the meeting so we’ll decide what we’re saying at that point. Until then the thought of it makes me feel queasy so I’m totally burying my head in the sand for now. Just writing this paragraph has made my palms clammy. I’m totally ridiculous! But hopefully some resolution will come after tonight and I can start to calm the hell down.

Today an aunty I haven’t seen for a while came to visit and complimented me on my weight loss, which is always a HUGE boost. And only yesterday my mum remarked that she knew I had lost weight this week because my knees look skinnier! As funny as it sounds it’s actually true, I have lost weight from my knees! I also took my measurements last week and in 12 weeks I’ve lost a total of 18.5 inches from my arms, legs, waist, hips and bust. The biggest reduction was seen in my waist with a 5.5 inch loss. I’m gradually becoming less and less apple and slightly more pear! Although when I’m at target I reckon I’ll just be straight like a stick, but I can deal with that. Change what you can and accept what you cannot!

Well I must be off now, as I’m sure all of you Slimming World-ers out there know- Food Optimising is all about eating (the right stuff) and since it’s been at least five minutes since I last ate it’s time to prepare my next meal!

Thanks for reading,

Hayley x

About Hayleyhttp://hayleyslims.wordpress.comCrazy bird lady, vegan, weight loss and fitness enthusiast, lover of photography

2 thoughts on “Groups and Meetings

  1. Well done on your amazing weight loss this week! I need to take some inspiration from you and measure myself. I always forget to do this! Love the Knees comment,never think to measure them! I’ll be theere tonight now measuring everything! Good Luck this week xx

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much! For me doing the measurements was especially handy because I was squeezed into clothes that didn’t actually fit me. So I didn’t even know I’d gone down a size until I did that! X


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