Slimming Fever!

In the past when I’ve hit the 3 st loss mark, that’s when people around me have really started to notice I’m losing weight. And this time around is no exception because now people can see it (and also I’ve been raving about how fantastic I feel for weeks now) they have started coming to me to tell me about their own journeys. Which is bloody great! As those of us who stay to group know, it’s a huge boost to have people on the same page as you. One lady is just trying to be sensible and I believe she’s going to the gym too, but there’s another lady who I think I can convert to the Slimming World way. When someone tells you that they’re debating whether to have that single boiled egg as a snack, and that they’re starving hungry, I think it’s our duty as Slimming World members to point out that a better way of doing it would be to eat 3 boiled eggs. And salad and new potatoes and a bit of cheese. And why not add some ham to the equation too? I don’t think she’s convinced but it makes me sad that people believe that going hungry to lose weight is OK or even necessary. There’s another lady who was telling me that she has decided not to eat at all during work hours! So I’ll keep on trying to convert, but gradually so I don’t sound preachy and scare them away!

My mum is nearly two weeks into her diet now and after losing 5 lbs last week I really hope she has another loss. She has an underactive thyroid so it’s a bit like two steps forward and one back for her, but when she has had an unexpected gain in the past it’s completely thrown her off the rails. I think I’ve convinced her not to weigh herself constantly, which isn’t helpful to anyone ever, and that if she sticks with it she’ll get the losses eventually.

My dad has been getting somewhat, um, rotund since he gave up smoking a few years ago. He had a fall at work this week and currently has a black eye but when he has recovered he is seriously considering joining Slimming World. I’m going round for dinner next weekend and may prepare my own food just to show him what I can eat. Normally when I visit I just ask for boiled potatoes, veg and whatever meat they’re having, but since I’m a veggie now things have changed. I’m going to use this as an opportunity to really get him on board (plus I hope visiting will be easier from now on because both my dad and his girlfriend are relentless feeders!)

Best of all the slimming stories this week was when I got a message this morning from the girlfriend of one of my longest standing friends (and of course a friend in her own right now) to say that she has taken the plunge and actually joined Slimming World! I have a dedicated Instagram account where I post a lot of what I eat and at first I thought it was really weird that friends and family were following that account. I wondered why they would possibly be interested in what I was having for dinner! But it’s clearly having a positive effect. She’s already started cooking Slimming World meals for the whole family and everyone has given them the thumbs up. I can’t wait to see how she gets on! Her partner has always been so supportive of my weight loss attempts so I think she’ll have plenty of help on that front too.

Yesterday as planned I went to see La La Land with my sister. The cinema is a difficult place for me to be because I love cinema popcorn and I love to raid the Ben and Jerry’s stand! So preparation was key, and even though I’ve never been a fan of shop-bought popcorn I decided to try the Sunbites wholegrain popcorn just so I had a little something to snack on. I took the sweet and salty variety (2.5 syns) and the sweet caramel variety (3 syns) with me, plus an apple. In the dark I couldn’t tell which bag I was eating but one of them was absolutely delicious! I repeated the experiment today and found that the extra tasty one is the sweet caramel, but the other one is nice too. I am a packet popcorn convert! I enjoyed the film itself, which surprised me, and I had to hold back some tears at the end. My sister wasn’t quite as restrained but then she cries at pretty much everything. I’m not sure the film is quite as deserving of all the hype and awards it’s getting, but it is sweet, a little funny, a bit sad, and definitely worth a watch.

Before the cinema my sister took a progress picture for me in my favourite dress. I thought the dress was going to be too big but in actual fact it just fits properly now and feels a lot more comfortable. It’s much nicer when you don’t have to squeeze into things, and I think it has a few outings left in it yet! Anyway I thought the time was ripe for a little comparison picture. The one on the left was taken in September 2015 and I actually gained another stone after the picture was taken! In total the difference between the two is 2 st 10 lbs.


I’ve spent a considerable amount of time today looking at clothes- I really like oversized look but when I wear them as a fat person I feel like someone who is wearing it just because it’s the only thing that fits (which is usually exactly the case), and I also feel really frumpy. I’m looking forward to wearing these things and having them actually be oversized. When I have my fancy haircut in a few months I’ll need to go on a shopping spree because I’ll have a completely new look that doesn’t go at all with my current ‘I hate it but it covers my tummy’ wardrobe. So I need to be prepared for when that time comes!

Now I must be off to prepare dinner and get myself ready for, finally, my final shift of the week. My weekends are normally filled with getting odd jobs done and playing with my parrot, so before I know it Tuesday will be upon us and it’ll be time for weigh in. Which again I’m genuinely looking forward to! So weird…

Thanks for reading,

Hayley x

About Hayleyhttp://hayleyslims.wordpress.comCrazy bird lady, vegan, weight loss and fitness enthusiast, lover of photography

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