Night-time Stroll

Early Sunday evening I was a few thousand steps away from hitting my target and was planning to walk around for a bit when my brother suggested we watch a film called Whiplash, which is on Netflix at the moment. It’s about this guy who wants to be the greatest jazz drummer so this had a potential problem for me- namely that for the most part (with a few rare exceptions) I can’t stand jazz. But it was excellent, it was so tense at times I could hardly breathe. So I’d recommend it to anyone looking for something to watch even though the premise doesn’t sound very exciting at all. By the time it was finished I was running out of time to do my steps so I had to venture outside in order to really get into a rhythm, but I never feel all that safe even in the early evening. I did recently buy a personal attack alarm so I threw caution to the wind and just got out there and did it. It was so quiet that I discovered I have a squeak in one of my walking boots, something that I’d never picked up on before. That got annoying very quickly! And while I was walking I decided that before I go out after dark again I’m going to buy myself a £10 mobile phone so that if someone tries to mug me I can just hand it over. People do occasionally get mugged (and worse) in broad daylight where I live so it’s not the worst idea I’ve ever had. That will have to wait until payday though because this year I’m trying not to spend money I don’t actually have. I’ll definitely be going into my overdraft by the end of the month anyway, but hopefully that’ll be the last time I’m there for a while.

090117_1204Monday I decided to do something even more stupid, and that was to go into work on my day off and work a whole extra shift. I really am trying to be sensible with money! Because I work in retail things will probably be quiet now until sometime in September so I might as well make the most of it. During the day I just tried to get as much sleep as possible to prepare me for six night shifts on the trot but also got some really exciting stuff done, like a load of washing and a run around with the hoover. Oh and I just managed to make my daily step count by the skin of my teeth. Riveting stuff.

That brings us to today, Tuesday, and more importantly- weigh day! Weirdly I was excited to get weighed this week. I reckon it’s because I knew I had a certificate coming- I smashed the exercise this week in order to get my Silver Body Magic award and I’m excited to start earning my Gold award. That’s a whole 8 weeks of 30 minutes a day spread over 5 days! I’m going to do it though, I need to make sure exercise becomes just another thing I do, like washing my hair or something. As for the weigh in results I lost 2.5 lbs and got a buddy for my Silver Body Magic award: 

Next week I want 3 lbs off and then I’ll be in the 17’s for the first time since… hmm, about 2013 I think! 

I have good and bad to look forward to in the remainder of the week- the bad is that I know my manager is going to force me to do a job that makes me stressed and miserable, that I stepped down from several months ago. It will only be temporary cover but I’m furious because it could have been avoided with proper planning and training. The thing that is bugging me the most though is that although I unofficially know about it, he hasn’t had the courtesy to let me know yet, even though it’ll be happening as of next week. I do have a strategy though. As it’s temporary (covering paternity leave) I refuse to let it get me down, I will find some positives in the situation (I’m still working on that one) and most importantly I’m going to stick to Food Optimising no matter what.

The good thing that’s happening is that me and my sister are going to the cinema on Friday evening even though I have work that night (BOO). But I don’t care! I know I will be tired at work but it’s important there’s more to life than just work. Unfortunately we can’t do it any other time because of my ridiculously anti-social shift pattern which involves me working every single Saturday of the frikkin year, apart from the rare occasion I actually manage to book one as holiday. Anyways, we are going to see La La Land, which I know virtually nothing about. All I’ve heard is that it’s a musical and it’s already won a ton of awards. Now, I don’t really like musicals! But as my sister desperately wants to see it I will watch it with a completely open mind and try not to have any preconceptions. I’ve also told my sister that we are dressing up for the cinema, because I love the dress I bought for the Slimming World group Christmas meal but it will soon be too big. This will be it’s final outing! Although I love it the more weight I lose the more dress options are going to become available to me so I’m happy to say goodbye to the particular one.

It’s nearly time for image therapy now so I’ll say goodbye until next time. 

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