Best Laid Christmas Plans

Hmm. I’ve been planning Christmas Day for weeks. I had it all sorted. Then Christmas Eve I really felt like I was missing out. 

My family were having a takeaway so I joined in and ate a ton of cheese-based crap, but I didn’t enjoy it one little bit. I just felt sick afterwards. 

Then this morning I had a breakfast that I’ve been craving for ages (vegetarian all day breakfast sandwiches) but I didn’t enjoy that, and my Slimming World Christmas dinner didn’t come to fruition either. 

Unfortunately there weren’t enough baking trays for me to be able to make my dry-roasted vegetables and potatoes so that went out of the window, and the syn free gravy was rubbish so I ended up having a gravy pot instead. But even though I had real roast potatoes I didn’t enjoy my dinner either. 

Finally I had a decent dessert of stewed apples with mincemeat and some vanilla liqueur cream that my mum bought by accident and doesn’t like. I enjoyed that immensely and am so glad I can now draw a line under it and get right back on plan. 

I feel a bit like beating myself up over my failure to stay on plan despite being so determined a couple of days ago, but actually I’ve done really well. This December I’ll have had a total of 3 days off plan, and I’m 3 stone down from this time last year. That’s pretty good going! I’ve never done that well before. I’ve just been comparing pictures from today and last Christmas and I’m really happy with my progress, and when I’m doing this again in another year this little blip will seem totally insignificant. 

1 year and 3 Stone Difference

I am starting to wish I didn’t have weigh in on Tuesday as there’s not much time to undo any damage and when I gain I gain BIG. But I promised myself I’d never miss a weigh in so I will be there regardless. 

On the plus side the non-food part of my Christmas Day has been lovely and I have lots of thoughtful little gifts from my family.

The rest of my Christmas Day will be spent briefly waiting for my Fitbit to charge, then I’m pacing around my living room and kitchen until I get my 10,000 steps. At least I will be fulfilling one Christmas pledge! 

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