One Day Off!

The results are in and this week I have lost (a little disappointingly) half a pound. I’ve been steaming ahead lately so I was a little shocked, especially since I haven’t done anything differently. The only thing I did wrong last week was forgetting to have my A choice one day, which obviously shouldn’t make that much of a difference.

During group I just planned to carry on as usual and see what happens next week, but then the bad thoughts started creeping in. I went to work that night and talked myself out of eating a giant pizza about 50 times. In the end I did end up going off plan Wednesday. I ate some bread, butter and cheese in the morning then in the evening it was the Slimming World Christmas meal at Toby Carvery. I ended up drinking a bottle and a half of rosé, two glasses of prosecco and I went all in when it came to the help yourself part of the carvery.


BUT. I did get straight back on plan the next day. Unfortunately I’ve hurt my knee so I’ll only be doing to bare minimum in order to get my Bronze body magic award next week. I’d be lying if I wasn’t a little gutted though, I’ve started to really enjoy my step aerobics.

On the plus side I’ve put together an arms-only kettlebell workout so at least I’m adding some strength training.

Anyway there have been some positives in the last week!

At work someone bought in cakes to celebrate them getting a permanent contract. On the forklift truck I drive there’s a little computer and the manager can send messages to you. About five minutes into the shift I got the dreaded ‘cakes in the office’ message. To be honest on this occasion I didn’t even want them (weird I know) which may have something to do with the fact that I always eat an apple just before my shift starts now. So I drove past the office and just gave my manager a smile and a wave, as I usually do, and got on with my work. A little while later another message popped up saying ‘Great resolve, well done slim’. I was over the moon that he sent such a nice message, and I don’t remember the last time anyone referred to me as slim. Probably never!

Every morning this week I’ve been waiting for a frost so I can take some nice wintery pictures, and Monday morning I finally got my wish.

051216_1129 051216_1136 051216_1133 051216_1128

Photography is such a great hobby to have, because (unless you are a food photographer) then it doesn’t always revolve around food! In the last year I’ve visited a fair few places and had some nice long walks just looking for a photographic opportunity. So it’s really good to have a hobby that promotes plenty of Body Magic, and when the weather gets warmer I’m really going to up my game and visit more places. Until then there’s still plenty of things to photograph if you just look hard enough. I also did a Christmas photo shoot with my little bird, but the best photo I’m saving until Christmas Day. In the meantime here’s one of her next to our mini tree:


And that was pretty much my week.

Until next time…

Hayley x

About Hayleyhttp://hayleyslims.wordpress.comCrazy bird lady, vegan, weight loss and fitness enthusiast, lover of photography

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