The Wall of Motivation


Well that’s it, it’s the last day of November. This month I’ve been crossing off the days where I’ve been on plan. I haven’t done bad eh? It’s been a while since that happened I can tell you.

November has been quite frankly awesome. I never dreamed that I’d achieve so much in such a short space of time. I restarted my Slimming World progress as an online member on the 1st of August, and between then and the 21st of October I managed to keep off a fairly pathetic 2lbs. OK, it’s better than nothing, but that’s almost twelve whole weeks of messing around with not much to show for it. Normally I would have restarted my progress again, but this time I decided to keep all of those weigh-ins to remind my future self exactly where ‘I’ll be better tomorrow’ gets you. Not very far at all.

In the last six weeks I have taken my total amount lost up to 2st 2lbs. That’s what I can do when I put my mind to it! Being back at group has really helped, because the losses I’m getting are great. At group last night a wonderful 5lb loss got me my 2st award, my Club 10 and Slimmer of the Week! I had a figure in mind that I wanted to get to by the end of the year, and it would have been tight, but I only need another 3lbs to get there now.

The icing on an already pretty nice cake was trying on my winter coat that two weeks ago wouldn’t do up around my tummy. I was practically floating down the road last night as I walked to group nice and toasty wearing it! I only tried it on again so soon on a whim, and I’m so glad I did.


The only thing that could mess me up between now and Christmas is, believe it or not, the Slimming World Christmas meal at Tobey Carvery. If I was still a meat-eater it wouldn’t be much of a problem but the only veggie option was a vegetable galette, which means pastry, which means lots of syns. But it’s only one meal. The plan is to keep the rest of the day syn free, do some nice cardio during the week, keep up the speed food intake, stick to diet coke (I’m deliberately driving so I can’t drink) and eat my three course meal and damn well enjoy it. If I do all that I’m cautiously optimistic about still getting a loss. I did consider saving up syns but eventually decided against it. For one, I don’t know how many are in the meal, and secondly I don’t want to feel deprived during the week as it probably won’t do me any favours.

So, thinking ahead about my December goals. What I’d really like is my 2 1/2 stone award which is totally doable as I only need another 5lbs. And a loss over Christmas, that’s one I’m really looking forward to. I’m actually really excited about my Christmas dinner, because I’ve found some recipes from Slimming Eats that I’m going to try out. One is for syn free stuffing balls and the other is for a syn free gravy. Plus last night I tried the dark chocolate and mint Hifi bars. They will be my B choice on Christmas day because they taste like After Eight mints. I’m going to chop them up in little pieces and eat them after dinner. I’ll also be making blue cheese stuffed portobello mushrooms using the blue cheese Laughing Cow triangles and some syn free sausage rolls in place of pigs in blankets. I saw a recipe using sweet potato as the pastry which I’m going to tweak a bit to see if I can indeed make it syn free.

I’m also going to have a lovely cooked breakfast to keep me going until dinner and help me avoid all the naughties that will no doubt be lying around. It’s so important to have strategies for these scenarios!

Between now and then if people offer me junk food at work I’m just going to visualise getting that 2 1/2 stone award. Nothing’s going to stop me now.

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