Sweet Potato Toast

I came across this article about a month ago and I’ve been meaning to try a Slimming World version ever since. Now, they call it toast but it’s not really comparable to the real thing in my opinion. On the plus side after giving it a try I’ve found that it’s firm enough that you can pick it up with your hands so you can eat it like toast.


The main reason I wanted to try it (except that it looks pretty!) is that I’m trying to use my Syns for healthier treats. I usually get a lot of cravings so I wanted to avoid that this time around. So far it seems to be working as I’ve had pretty consistent energy levels and haven’t felt like the need for chocolate or anything like that in over 6 weeks.

In my version of one of the recipes in the article, instead of using peanut butter I used a tbsp of powdered peanut butter (2.5 Syns) and I used half of a Berry and Seed Shot from Tesco (2 Syns). Oh and I added 1 tsp of honey (1 syn). I did have enough toppings left for another slice, but it didn’t fit on the plate so I left it out of the picture!

Next time I’m going to have an avocado topping. I love avocados and I think it’s well worth the syns, but I never want to spend the Syns on a whole one. For that reason I bought the frozen avocado halves from Tesco, which don’t taste nearly as nice but it’s better than throwing away half of a delicious avocado. Which is obviously sacrilege.

I suppose sweet potato could even be used as a burger bun alternative. I’ll have to give that a try…

About Hayleyhttp://hayleyslims.wordpress.comCrazy bird lady, vegan, weight loss and fitness enthusiast, lover of photography

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