Forward Planning & First Group Weigh-In

Now that Halloween is well and truly behind us of course the shops are filled with Christmas things already. Because I’m so determined to stay on plan I decided to just roll with it and yes, I’ve been drawn in!

For the last five years Christmas has been a major ordeal. The man I was seeing spent every single one at his ex-girlfriend’s house and I would spend mine being miserable and anxious. The Christmas magic had already gone anyway, but I was wondering how I feel about this year. After some consideration I found that I don’t really care at all, but I still decided to get the shopping part out of the way as soon as possible.

Annoyingly for some, my Christmas shopping is totally complete! Yesterday I bought the wrapping paper, and by the end of the week everything will wrapped up and put away in a big box not to be disturbed again until Christmas day.

Now the present shopping is done I must admit I’m starting to feel excited again. Mainly because we set a price limit and I’ve got a thoughtful gift for everyone that I can’t wait for them to open. At the end of the day I suppose that’s really what it’s all about- showing your loved ones that you care about them.

As for everything that comes along with this time of year (i.e THE FOOD) I’m staying focused mainly by concentrating on the summer. I hate the cold so I’m already thinking about all the photographic opportunities during long hikes with my brother, and how by the time summer comes around I’ll be so much slimmer and fitter and my photography gear will be so much easier to carry. I mean, I’m the most amateur of amateur and my basic gear weighs a bloody ton! I’m thinking about going to London to visit my sister, feeding the birds in St James’s Park and having a nice cold cider afterwards. And how last time we did that my feet and back were killing me the whole time. But never again! THAT’S what’s going to give me the motivation to say no to mince pies, Stollen and Christmas pudding.

Leading up to Christmas I have a pretty excellent plan (if I do say so myself) to keep me on track. I’ve already bought my (non-chocolate) advent calendar, and I can’t wait for December to roll around so I can get started.

It’s a jewellery box, and on the 1st you get a bracelet. Then for the rest of the days you get a charm for the bracelet. Except there’s a catch- I’m only letting myself have the charm if I’ve been on plan that day, and since I’m just a tad OCD with such things there’s no chance of me opening one on the wrong day or (even worse) having to open some after Christmas day. That’s just wrong! So I reckon I’ll do it.


So, on to the weigh in-part. Because it’s only my first group weigh-in, it doesn’t count as a proper first week so I wasn’t expecting that substantial a loss. But despite that I still managed to lose 4lbs. That takes my total to 1st 8lbs, and I’m delighted!

Let’s see what the next week brings.

About Hayleyhttp://hayleyslims.wordpress.comCrazy bird lady, vegan, weight loss and fitness enthusiast, lover of photography

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