Back to Group

Yesterday I went back to my original group, the one I started at in 2012. I must admit I was really nervous, because I’m 5.5 stone heavier now than my lowest weight there. Although I had gained quite a bit before I stopped going for good.

I didn’t think I’d feel this way but it was really great going back. My consultant, Lynn, greeted me with a hug and I had a good catch-up with two lovely guys who started just a little bit before me (the first time round). They did the sensible thing and kept going, and they look fantastic now. One of them was even featured in the magazine a couple of months ago!

Another thing that feels good is that I don’t have to worry about bumping in to Slimming World people when I go into town now. Every single time, even after all these years, I hoped I wouldn’t see anyone I know and have them see how big I’ve become. Now I’m ‘out’ there’s nothing more to worry about!

It’s weird how when I started gaining the weight again how evasive I became. I blocked most of the people I knew from Slimming World on Facebook and started a secret lifestyle of binge eating. When I was grocery shopping I’d always be on the lookout in case someone saw all of the ice cream tubs and pizzas. It’s also stupid, because if the roles were reversed I’d understand completely. We are just so hard on ourselves- dieting is hard and if it doesn’t work out the first time (or the 50th) it’s no reason to feel ashamed. If it was easy we wouldn’t have an obesity epidemic!

Anyway I’ve been back at group for five minutes and I’ve already paid to go out to the Christmas meal, which I never did before because I was too shy. Like I said in my previous post, I’m throwing myself into this entirely, so it’s time to get involved. Having said that I have no plans to be on the social team because I’m just too damn tired on a Tuesday, what with having to go to work after. But still, that doesn’t mean I can’t actually be social.

I almost forgot the most important bit- this week I’ve lost 5 lbs, leaving 1 stone 1 lb to go to reach my end-of-year target. Then next year I’ll only need to lose about another 5 stone, but I won’t think too much about that…

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