Weeeeell, it’s been over two months since I last posted. Where the hell did that time go? Thankfully some time ago I invested in some Fitbit Aria scales, which are really handy for keeping tabs on my weight without any effort whatsoever. I was just wondering what I weighed the last time I posted, and since my scales upload my weight via WiFi every time I weigh myself, it was easy to look back and have a peek.

Right now I’m exactly 5 pounds lighter than I was on the 10th of August. Although if I’d have written this post last week, it wouldn’t have been the case. I’ve struggled so much this year. I had so many plans for my weight/health/wardrobe that just fell by the wayside every time someone mentioned the word McDonald’s. It also seemed like every time I got a handle on things, I’d end up going out for work drinks which would inevitably lead to a two-week food binge and the undoing of all my hard work.

Despite all this, last Monday I decided to get my s**t together even though I really wasn’t feeling it. But after two days of bitterly forcing myself to stay on plan, something clicked and all of a sudden I really feel like I’ve got this.

In the last week I only weighed myself on official weigh day, drastically cut my caffeine intake, got as much sleep as I could and stayed within syns every day. The pay off for my good behavior was a wonderful 10 lb loss.

Even though we haven’t even had Halloween yet, I’m forced to think about Christmas. In terms of what I want to achieve by then and also how I’m going to cope with it. As the years go by, Christmas seems increasingly like a major inconvenience, and this year is no exception. To say the magic has gone would be an understatement! I usually look forward to the food side of things but even that just disappoints me now.

And that’s why I’ve decided to have an on-plan Christmas. I don’t feel as if I’ll be missing out (apart from maybe the work drinks thing, but I’ll make up for that next year). I feel a teeny bit guilty for perhaps putting my family off a little, but at least for this year, I have to do this. I cannot stand to put my goal to one side. I’ve done it too many times already.

With that in mind my plan is to rejoin my original Slimming World group on the 20th of December. And I’m guessing I’m going to be the only new starter that week. And the ultimate goal is to lose weight over the Christmas period. Just think how amazing that would be!

About Hayleyhttp://hayleyslims.wordpress.comCrazy bird lady, vegan, weight loss and fitness enthusiast, lover of photography

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