I’m really proud of myself after going away with my sister on Monday. It would have been really easy to go totally off plan, but I was sensible the whole time! I didn’t stick to Slimming World but made healthy choices the whole day.

Before we set off I had a substantial breakfast of Slimming World quiche, lean bacon, and 3 mini Babybel lights (my A choice) so I wouldn’t be famished after the three hour drive. When we got there (we went the Cheltenham for the day and stayed in a B&B), we went for a walk then headed to Marks & Spencer for a healthy lunch. As it happens Marks & Spencer have a fantastic selection of Slimming World-friendly food but I knew I wouldn’t be counting Syns later so I didn’t bother with lunch either. I had a prawn and avocado salad with Marie Rose sauce that was delicious, filled me up and had less than 300 calories. That was followed by a fresh fruit and a diet cranberry lemondade.

Later on I had two Alpen light bars to tide me over until dinner, which was pizza. We went to Pizza Express where I had a Leggera Padana which has under 600 calories, followed by dessert which was less than 230 calories. Considering I did 18,000 steps and burned around 4000 calories that day I’d say I’m in credit!

As for breakfast at the B&B I could have had pancakes with bacon and maple syrup but instead I ordered off the menu and asked for a slice of granary bread with scrambled eggs and grilled tomatoes. I followed that up with an apple then we headed home. Once home I was straight back to 100% Slimming World-ing and had a Syn free lunch followed by a dinner of Slimming World quiche (asparagus and feta, using my A choice), 1.5 syns of Parma ham, new potatoes and salad.

Slimming World Crust-less Quiche

Slimming World Crust-less Quiche

Tomorrow I’m meeting up with my sister in London and I plan to just be sensible then, too. Plus I should get plenty of steps in. The only other challenge I have coming up is visiting an old friend on Saturday, and there will be alcohol. I’m thinking of using flexible Syns and giving myself 60 for the day which will easily allow the two bottles of wine I’ll probably drink!

Considering I have a week off work and normally I’d have eaten a 20 inch pizza by now (among plenty of other mega-Syn things) I’m so pleased with myself!

About Hayleyhttp://hayleyslims.wordpress.comCrazy bird lady, vegan, weight loss and fitness enthusiast, lover of photography

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